UNCP, Chinese university sponsor a new business journal


The business journal International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (IJSSM) launched its first issue from Beijing and Pembroke in May. It is published by Inderscience, an international publishing house headquartered in the United Kingdom.


John Parnell

John Parnell

The journal’s mission is to find a balance between traditional business solutions and sustainable environmental and social issues, said Editor-in-Chief Dr. John Parnell, UNC Pembroke’s William H. Belk Distinguished Professor of Management.

“Most journals look at one issue or the other; nobody is trying to marry the two,” Dr. Parnell said. “We are seeking articles to enhance strategic performance and to promote a sustainable environment at the same time.”

The new journal is sponsored by UNCP and its School of Business and China University of Geosciences and its Humanity and Economic Management School. Dr. Eric Dent, dean of UNCP’s School of Business, said the journal is a centerpiece for UNCP scholarship and global reach.

“This partnership is exactly the type of arrangement that showcases faculty expertise at UNCP; we are working collaboratively, we are working internationally, and we are working on scholarship that makes an important contribution to the body of knowledge,” Dr. Dent said.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors hailed the partnership.

“This partnership is built on international scholarship between our nations,” Chancellor Meadors said. “The journal is the result of a successful global partnership, and it will break new ground in the connectivity between traditional business solutions and sustainable environmental and social issues.”

Dr. Parnell explained the evolution of the jointly-produced journal.

“Teaching in China from 1997 – 2002, I formed personal relationships with scholars at this university that continued when I joined the faculty at UNCP,” Dr. Parnell said. “In the fall of 2006, (IJSSE Associate Editor) Dr. Rick Crandall and I taught a seminar on crisis management at China University of Geoscience; that’s when we talked formally about a journal.”

The unique partnership should help IJSSM find a market, Dr. Parnell said.

“I believe there is a market niche for this journal, in part, because of its unique mission and the unique partnership that produced it,” he said. “Collaborating with the Chinese is very interesting because they see things differently.”

China’s explosive economy has raised social and environmental issues, making the journal’s mission timely.

“China presents a real challenge on these issues,” he said. “Their scientists and academics are becoming much more aware of the larger environmental issues.”

The first issue of the journal featured invited submissions, and subsequent issues will feature “peer-reviewed” articles. Several UNCP faculty members contributed to Volume I, Number 1, including:

  • Dr. Parnell – “Sustainable Strategic Management: Construct, Parameters, Research Directions”
  • Dr. Rick Crandall and Dr. Edwin Clifford Mensah – “Crisis Management and Sustainable Development: A Framework and Proposed Research Agenda”
  • Dr. John E. Spillan (who will join UNCP’s faculty in 2008) – co-authored “Sustainable Strategic Management in Rapidly Emerging Economies: The Case of Chile.”

Drs. Crandall, Mensah and Spillan join UNCP’s Drs. Michael Menefee, Ramin Maysami and Christopher Ziemnowicz on the journal’s editorial board. Dr. Spillan is regional editor for Latin America.

Dr. Zhang Long of China University of Geoscience is the regional editor for China, and Dr. Shirish Sangle is regional editor for India.

In an editorial welcoming readers and subscribers, Dr. Parnell introduces IJSSM’s mission.

“Leaders in organizations and governments must make responsible strategic and policy decisions that facilitate and sustain high performance while also managing organizational and national resources so that firms and societies can benefit from them in the future,” he wrote. “Balancing these objectives can be difficult, and IJSSM publishes scientific work that seeks to integrate these two perspectives.”

To view IJSSM online, please see www.inderscience.com/ijssm. To subscribe, email ijssm@inderscience.com or online at http://indersceince.metapress.com.