UNCP begins water conservation efforts


Leaders atThe University of North Carolina at Pembroke believe they can save more than 14,000 gallons of water daily through new conservation measures.

“As long as the drought continues, we will do our best to conserve,” Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said in an October 30 letter to UNCP President Erskine Bowles. “We want to be a good neighbor and a good citizen.”

Conservation measures include a 75 percent reduction of outdoor irrigation, turning off fountains and an awareness campaign among students, faculty and staff. UNCP purchases part of its water from the Town of Pembroke.

“We have a responsibility to lead in the resolution of the problem,” Chancellor Meadors continued. “One example of our water conservation efforts is that for years over 90 percent of our irrigation water has come from deep wells.”

Maintenance crews will inspect all campus facilities and repair any leading plumbing fixtures. The University will suspend vehicle washing and postpone testing fire hydrants.

Even the swimming pool is restricted for campus use only. The rye grass program has also ceased operation.

“In light of the state’s crisis and the unfavorable forecasts, we will initiate additional measures to further reduce our water consumption,” Chancellor Meadors said.

Policies on ice machines, floor washing, steam and carpet cleaning, laundry and food service will all be affected.

The savings will amount to 432,000 gallons a month and nearly 5.2 million gallons a year.