UNCP announces winners in 2006 Math Contest


Young minds were put to the test March 30 at the 2006 Math Contest at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (view winners | photos).

The competition is for middle and high school students in algebra I, algebra II and geometry. Winners advance to regional competition for the opportunity to compete for state honors.

“It was hard,” said Douglas Byrd High School student Donovan Blue. “I didn’t finish, but it’s an opportunity to see what you know.”

UNCP math professors compile questions for the test every year, said Dr. Raymond Lee, Math Contest coordinator.

“We try to make this a challenge, and I think we succeed,” Dr. Lee said. “We had 180 students enter this year from Charlotte to Shalotte.”

Susan Smith, a math teacher at Whiteville High School, agreed with Dr. Lee.

“This is our second year in the Math Contest, but the first year we have had winners,” Smith said. “We are very excited.”

“The biggest thing is that we need to let excellence in academics shine at school,” she said. “It’s good for the kids because they get to do something they love, and the bank of questions on this test really stretched their minds.”

Whiteville High School’s Kaitlyn Elkins finished second in the Algebra II competition and she teamed with Brett Coleman, Alex Hall and Sadryne Hall to place second in the algebra II team competition.

The thrill of academic competition was a motivating factor for the students, said John Griffin Middle School teacher Brian Brech.

“This is an important day for us and the kids realize it,” Brech said. “They’ve been working hard for this, and they’ve had a lot of fun.”

For more information about the Math Contest, please call the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at (910) 521-6244.


Algebra 1:

Individual Winners:
1st - Trevor Gravel, Harnett Central Middle
2nd - David Klingler, Harnett Central Middle
3rd - Shivani Patel, 71st Classical Middle

Honorable Mention:
John Banks, Providence Day School
Joshua Melton, Providence Day School
Alice Gresset, Providence Day School
Sarah Seldin, Providence Day School
Rishi Shah, 71st Classical Middle
Julianne Donoghue, Shallotte Middle
Natasha Bittinger, Douglas Byrd

Team Winners:

1st - Providence Day School, John Banks, Mason Linne, Aditi Gupta, Josh Melton
2nd - Harnett Central Middle, Trevor Gravel, Mary Morton, Rebecca Riehle, Alison McClay
3rd - Providence Day School, Tara Loeber, Sarah Seldin, Maddie Welch, Alice Gresset


Individual Winners:
1st – Katie Rettig, Home School
2nd – Christopher Johnson, Jack Britt High School
3rd – Christopher Maynor, O’Neal School
4th – Scott Sattizahn, Providence Day School
5th – Ted Phillips, Providence Day School

Team Winners:
1st - Providence Day School, Sam Brinkley, Katie Erb, Scott Sattizahn, Amy Uhl
2nd - Providence Day School, Ted Phillips, Cory Slep, Alexandra Henshaw, Maggie Williams
3rd - The O'Neal School, Alex Zhang, Chris Maynor, Patrick Colthart, Elizabeth Hart

Algebra II:
Individual Winners:
1st - Pom McCabe, Pinecrest High
2nd - Kaitlyn Elkins, Whiteville High
3rd - Steven Jones, Pinecrest High
4th - Eric Li, Terry Sanford High
5th - Bradley Thwaites, Pinecrest High

Team Winners:
1st - Pinecrest High, Pom McCabe, Sarah White, Bradley Thwaites, Thomas Caddell
2nd - Whiteville High, Alex Hall, Brett Coleman, Kaitlyn Elkins, Sadryne Walker
3rd - Pinecrest High, Jessica Horony, Leah Elliott, Steven Jones

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Algebra I individual winners – From left: 1st - Trevor Gavel, Harnett Central Middle; 2nd - David Klingler, Harnett Central Middle; 3rd - Shivani Patel, 71st Classical Middle



Algebra I 2nd place team - Harnett Central Middle (from left) Mary Morton, Alison McClay, Rebecca Riehle, Trevor Gravel



Geometry individual winners – From left: 1st - Katie Rettig, Home School; 2nd - Christopher Johnson, Jack Britt; 3rd - Christopher Maynor, O’Neal School



Geometry 3rd place team – The O’Neal School (from left) Chris Maynor, Elizabeth Hart, Alex Zhang, Patrick Colthart



Algebra II individual winners – From left: 3rd - Steven Jones, Pinecrest; 2nd - Kaitlyn Elkins, Whiteville; 1st - Pom McCabe, Pinecrest



Algebra II 3rd place team – Pinecrest High School (from left): Steven Jones, Leah Elliot, Jessica Horony



Algebra II 2nd place team – Whiteville High School (from left): Kaitlyn Elkins, Brett Coleman, Alex Hall, Sadryne Hall



Algebra II 1st place team – Pinecrest High School (from left) Bradley Thwaites, Pom McCabe, Bryan Caddell, Sarah White

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