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UNCP announces graduates from Winter Commencement

January 31, 2006

Editors: The following students completed requirements for graduation for the Dec. 10, 2005 Winter Commencement. Graduates are listed by county, by degree. Bachelor of Arts is followed by Bachelor of Science. Graduate degrees are last. Student’s major and concentration are included also.


  • AVERY--Rocky Graziano Bilotta, History; Julie Michelle Tweed, Sociology;
  • BLADEN--Wendell Campbell, Art; Kristen Erin Roberts, Political Science, Public Administration;
  • COLUMBUS--Tommi Jo Enzor, History; Marsha C. Frink, Sociology; Natalie Syrease Gause, Sociology; Princess Nealey Nayle, Art Education (K 12); Shanna Williamson Powers, English; Emily Lorene Smith, Music Education; Heath Worthington, History, Social Studies Education;
  • CUMBERLAND--Tina Maria Bradshaw, Art Education, K 12; Revia Laverne Davis, Sociology; Theresa S. Gray, Political Science, Pre Law; Nadean Davina Hafner, Political Science, Pre Law; Kenneth M. Hall, Philosophy & Religion; Andrea Maria Patawaran Hickman, English; Jeanne Hall Rea, Art; Lauren Elaine Scroggins, Political Science, Pre Law; Robert Lon Summers, English, Theatre Arts; Susan Kaye Torgerson, History;
  • GUILFORD--Terri D. Stewart, English;
  • HARNETT--Paul Kenneth Songalewski, Criminal Justice;
  • HOKE--Peggy Lilian Flynn, Sociology; Eve Jacobs Locklear, Sociology; Nicholas James Mayo, Sociology;
  • JOHNSTON--Lateeta Lanette Jones, Criminal Justice;
  • MACON--Christopher L. Faulk, Sociology;
  • MCDOWELL--Steven Leonard Gourley, History;
  • MECKLENBURG--Quintin Ramon Chiles, English; Shalynn Antionette Evans, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Lynn Smith, Sociology;
  • MOORE--Ian Michael Siler, Music;
  • NASH--Nena Janeen Ellis, Sociology;
  • ONSLOW--Amber Danielle Bright, History; Zachary Lee Cooke, Criminal Justice; Markeia Raynae Ewell, Political Science; Jonathan Kevin Shiffert, Political Science, Pre Law; Simonae Christina Taylor, Criminal Justice;
  • ORANGE--Jacqueline Christina Waddles, Sociology; LaVonne Wilkerson, Political Science, Public Administration;
  • RICHMOND--Marla Clarke Barbee, Sociology; Lisa B. Graham, Sociology; Sharon Covington Harris, Sociology; Shymala Demetria Liddell, History; Stacy Gwen McCaskill, Music Education, Instrumental; Amber Denise Moore, Sociology; Kathryn Ryan Norton, Sociology; Anita Allison Pearson, Sociology;
  • ROBESON--Yolanda Lafera Alford, Sociology; Anita J. Barnes, Sociology; Shannon Bullard Bird, Sociology; Heath Ashley Brewer, History; Terrasine McNeill Brown, Criminal Justice; James L. Callahan, Art; Carol Sue Cintron, English; Vanessa D. Clark, Sociology; Kari Maria Dial, English; Amanda Frances Goforth, History; Amie Shanea Hammonds, Sociology; Jennifer B. Hammonds, Criminal Justice; Sonya Dee Hand, Sociology; April Dawn Hunt, Criminal Justice; Heather Danelle Hunt, Sociology; Olivia Hunt, Sociology; Georgia Painter Ivie, Art; Anita Nicole Jacobs, Sociology; David Earl Lee, History, Social Studies Education; Marla Kay Locklear, Sociology; Nikki Davis Locklear, History; Ryan Heath Locklear, History; Sherry Ryan Locklear, English; Wendy Chavis Locklear, Sociology; Alicia B. Lowery, Sociology; Amber Susanne Lowry, Music; Lisa Ann Lowry, Sociology; Kenneth J. Maidene, Criminal Justice; Ross Lyle Maynor, Criminal Justice; Mary E. McNair, Sociology; Denise Lynn McRae, Sociology; Krystle Franchesca Melvin, Political Science; Jessica Lynn Norton, Political Science, Pre Law; Kristy Kinlaw Phillips, Sociology; Billy Ray Racz, Philosophy & Religion; Ingrid Lucila Russ, Criminal Justice; Courtney Lyn Strickland, Criminal Justice; Kenneth Blake Tyner, History;
  • SAMPSON--Jessica Michelle Jackson, Music Education, Vocal;
  • SCOTLAND--Linda Jean Crosland, Sociology; Sharon Deloris Davis, Sociology; Edna Smith Haywood, English; Aimee Elizabeth Seals, Sociology;
  • WAKE--Daman Robert Chavis, History;


  • ALEXANDER--Jonathan C. Coley, Health, Physical Education, Recreation Management;
  • BLADEN--Antwand Lamont Blanks, Business Administration, Management; Amy Lynn Butler, Accounting; Jessica Vigari, Elementary Education, K 6; Trista Glyn Watkins, Elementary Education, K 6;
  • BRUNSWICK--Lindsay Diane Ritzmann, Mass Communication, Journalism;
  • BUNCOMBE--Matthew Thomas James, Business Administration, Management;
  • CHATHAM--Nina Lynn Eaddy, Business Administration, Management;
  • COLUMBUS--Marian Dione Berkley, Business Administration, Management; Heather Marie Cox, Business Administration, Management; Bobby Dewayne Godwin, Physical Education (K 12); Christopher Lavon Harris, Mass Communication, Journalism; Nicky Delane Hobbs, Mathematics Education; Dori Tamieka Ingraham, Business Administration, Management; Ana Dawn Ivey, Elementary Education, K 6; Belinda Price Jayroe, Elementary Education, K 6; Robert Adam Nobles, Biology, Environmental; Susanne M. Nobles, Elementary Education, K 6; Courtney Beth Ransom, Biology;
  • CUMBERLAND--Julie Robertson Acosta, Biology, Molecular; Jeshannah Sonia Ayala, Mass Communications, Journalism; Carina L Bledsoe, Mass Communications, Journalism; James Allen Branch, Business Administration, Management; Jenny Lynn Bruns, Mass Communications, Public Relations; James Terrell Cook, Computer Science; Latasha Denise Cromwell, Chemistry, Biomedical; Heather Lynn Gordon, Elementary Education, K 6; Kristen Ladawn Hall, Biology; Aleesha Lee Herring, Psychology; Ariel Anne Houchens, Mass Communications, Journalism; David Leon Jackson, Business Administration, Management; Sarah Elizabeth Kistler, Elementary Education, K 6; Koral Janeice Lacy, Health and Physical Education, Recreation Management/Administration; Samuel Joseph Lemoine, Chemistry; Phoenix Wil Locklear, Mass Communication, Broadcasting; Fallon M. Lord, Mass Communication, Broadcasting; Timothy Allan McCoy, Business Administration, Management; Emily Tennille Perry, Birth Kindergarten; Timothy D. Rickman, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicole Bernet Rudnick, Business Administration, Marketing; Jessica Leigh Schirmer, Computer Science; Kimberly Joelle Schmiesing, Business Administration, Management; Bryan Warren Scott, Chemistry, Biomedical; Michael Harding Smith, Exercise & Sport Science; Amber Marie Sweat, Biology; Nicole Marie Thorp, Elementary Education, K 6; Lisa D. White, Psychology; Jamie Rae Willis, Business Administration, Management; Mercedes Yoder, Economics; Mary Elaine Zets, Biology, Environmental;
  • DURHAM--Carl Raymond Penny, Biology, Biomedical; Alphonza L. Thomas, Business Administration, Marketing;
  • GRANVILLE--Mark Darren Lloyd, Business Administration, Management; Thomas Wilson Lloyd, Business Administration, Management;
  • GUILFORD--Casey Lauren Newsome, Mass Communications (Public Relations);
  • HARNETT--Natasha Marie Blauwkamp, Business Administration, Management;
  • HERTFORD--Cotina Sherrel Ames, Mass Communications, Broadcasting;
  • HOKE--Jennifer Ann Acosta, Elementary Education, K 6; Angelica Dial Baker, Elementary Education, K 6; Natalie Nicole Baker, Patricia Dene Hess, Elementary Education, K 6;
    Mass Communications, Journalism; Amy Nichole Lippard, Elementary Education, K 6; Jennifer Michelle McHone, Biology, Environmental;
  • MECKLENBURG--Alexander Eric Asare, Biology; Chib Thao, Business Administration, Management; Terence Christopher Williams, Biology;
  • MOORE--Charlotte Durocher, Psychology; Dartagnan Marnier McAdoo, Mass Communications, Broadcasting; Sherri Lynn Moore, Elementary Education, K 6; Watson Benjamin Thomas, Business Administration, Management;
  • Not specified--David J. Swessel, Mathematics; Vidya Vudata, Biology; Amanda Leigh Westphal, Business Administration, Marketing;
  • ORANGE--Misty Dawn Parris, Elementary Education, K 6; Michael George Staats, Biology , Zoology;
  • RICHMOND--Tara L. Daughtrey, Business Administration, Management; Jill L. Dickens, Business Administration, Management; Goldie Shanae Ingram, Business Administration, Management; Melanie Margaret Jones, Psychology; Abbie Lorraine Lundy, Middle Grades Education, Mathematics; Neely Brooke Sullivan, Physical Education, K 12; Milton T. Swinnie, Exercise & Sport Science; Jennifer Elizabeth Trexler, Exercise & Sport Science; Jennifer Rae Wallace, Middle Grades Education, Lang Arts; Dawne Conner Wise, Biology, Molecular;
  • ROBESON--Amy Amanda Allen, Chemistry, Biomedical; Ashley Brewer, Health, Physical Education & Recreation; Jeffrey McKay Bryan, Psychology; Tonya Carter Chavis, Business Administration, Management; Melissa Annette Colletti, Business Administration, Management; Shunda Pandora Deese, Chemistry, Biomedical; Pamela Kay Dial, Business Administration, Management; Freida Purvis Diaz Pellot, Elementary Education, K 6; Matthew Vincent DiChiara, Mass Communications, Broadcasting; Neketa Lanore Floyd, Business Administration, Management; Jason Paul Folker, Computer Science; Carla Renee Gales, Mathematics; Janice Lugenia Gibbs, Elementary Education, K 6; Telisa Gail Goins, Business Administration, Marketing; Victoria Lee Hammonds, Elementary Education, K 6; Sherrie Ann Harris, Biology; Dorothy Nichole Hunt, Biology; Kenneth W. Hunt, Health, Physical Education, Recreation Management/Administration; Myran Gerald Hunt, Exercise & Sport Science; Rhonda Faye Hunt, Birth Kindergarten; Tracie Leigh Hunt, Special Education; Brenda K. Jacobs, Business Administration, Management; Yvette Thompson Jacobs, Business Administration, Management; Tosha Kinlaw, Special Education, Learning Disabilities; Amylee Nicole Lancaster, Exercise & Sport Science; Cory W. Locklear, Computer Science; Eric Price Locklear, Business Administration, Finance; Jeremy Lee Locklear, Biology, Biomedical; Tabitha Oxendine Locklear, Computer Science; Teresa Gail Locklear, Business Administration, Management; Teresa Lynn Lowery, Business Administration, Management; Christopher D. Lowry, Business Administration, Management; Jeremy Layton Lowry, Biology, Biomedical; Brent A. Martin, Chemistry; Robert Paul Mason, Elementary Education, K 6; Jamie Flanagan Maynor, Birth Kindergarten; Michael Garrett Maynor, Mass Communications, Broadcasting; Amanda Warren McKenzie, Business Administration, Management; Shannon Marie McLean, Business Administration, Marketing; Doreen McNeill, Business Administration, Management; John Neil McNeill, Business Administration, Management; Walter McBryde, Business Administration, Management; Michael Wayne Minga, Elementary Education, K 6; Timothy Dale Oxendine, Biology, Molecular; Fredena Lynde Revels, Mass Communications, Public Relations; Scott Rozier, Biology, Environmental; Larry Roderick Sampson, Business Administration, Management; Cassandra Scott, Elementary Education, K 6; Tabatha Oxendine Strickland, Computer Science; Torrey L. Warriax, Health Promotion;
  • SCOTLAND--Joel C. Beachum, Exercise & Sport Science; Jennifer Marie Carter, Elementary Education, K 6; Jason Alan Clark, Business Administration, Management; Clifton Dozier Dial, Biology, Molecular; Shanitta Lechayle Giles, Chemistry; Monte Lamar Hailey, Mass Communications, Broadcasting; Margaret Barrett Jernigan, Exercise & Sport Science; Diana Gay Lewis, Business Administration, Management; Mary Elizabeth McRae, Elementary Education, K 6; Sarah Stanton Mccarter, Middle Grades Education, Science; Marsha Lanette Norton, Biology; Erica Rochelle Smith, Birth Kindergarten; Kiana Lavonda Taylor, Mass Communications, Journalism; Lew Edward Wagner, Business Administration, Management;
  • WAKE--Avery Peoples Croteau, Health, Physical Education & Recreation, Management/Administration; Katherine Amelia Greer, Psychology; Melanie Ann Miskovic, Business Administration, Marketing;
  • WAYNE--Myra Rosette Fredrick, Mass Communications, Journalism; Samuel Joseph Lemoine, Chemistry;
  • Not specified--Daniel Stephen Barzso, Exercise & Sport Science; Lauryn S. Blandford, Psychology; Wendell Marquis Davis, Health & Physical Education, Recreation Management/Administration; Lisa Marie Stewart, Mass Communications, Public Relations; Tyson J. Van Dam, Exercise & Sport Science;


  • BLADEN--Delena Merritt Bledsoe, Nursing;
  • CUMBERLAND--Esther Darlene Okons, Nursing; Cindy Ann Velasquez, Nursing; Alice Christamae Wilson, Nursing; Jennifer Karlsson Yarnall, Nursing; Teresa Ann Zabala, Nursing;
  • MOORE--Sabrina Long Auman, Nursing; Deborah Lynn Davies, Nursing; Lisa S. King, Nursing; Donna Kay Rotondo, Nursing;
  • RICHMOND--Cheryl Waters Speight, Nursing;
  • ROBESON--Lisa Ann Bodnar, Nursing; Caroline Oxendine Hundley, Nursing; Tina Long Jenkins, Nursing; Marla Brien Lewis, Nursing; Janice Womack Locklear, Nursing; Virginia Mae Locklear, Nursing; Leslie Kendra Oxendine, Nursing; Suzanne Lucinda Perry, Nursing;
  • SCOTLAND--Alta Elizabeth Ellison, Nursing; Donna Edge Laviner, Nursing; Ronnie Lynne Tunstall, Nursing;
  • WAKE--Connie Hicks, Nursing;


  • ANSON--Derrick Phils Montgomery, Social Work;
  • COLUMBUS-- Ulysses Baldwin, Jr., Social Work; Debra Lenore Smith, Social Work;
  • CUMBERLAND--Joyce Brown, Social Work; Samuel Joseph Lemoine, Chemistry; Brenda Lathen, Social Work; Earl David Russ, Social Work; Kimberly Ann Shaubach, Social Work; Cosheonna Myeya Simmons, Social Work;
  • GASTON--Brittany Dey Garrison, Social Work;
  • HOKE--Melba L. Aiken, Social Work; Tameka Gail Walker, Social Work;
  • LEE--Anne Brooks Woodruff, Social Work;
  • RICHMOND--Gary Lee Earley, Social Work; Mia Trenae Tate, Social Work;
  • ROBESON--Nicol Marie Cummings, Social Work; Robin L. Hill, Social Work; Doretta Locklear Jacobs, Social Work; Michirena Carol Lowry, Social Work; Vanessa Leigh McKnight, Social Work; Alisha Dawn Pittman, Social Work; Carolyn Lynette Robinson, Social Work; Lyndsey Nicole Scott, Social Work; Terrial N. Singleton, Social Work; Kenya Shenell Smith, Social Work;
  • SCOTLAND--Felicia Danielle McCall, Social Work; Sherry L. Oxendine, Social Work;
  • WAKE--Chika Eunice Okonkwo, Social Work;


  • BLADEN--Jason Brian Atkinson, Music Education;
  • COLUMBUS--Wayne D. Barkley, Music Education; Stephania Nance, Elementary Education, K 6;


  • CUMBERLAND-- Patience Allen, Middle Grades Education (6 9); Tonia A. Bonner, Science Education; Kelly Hardee, Service Agency Counseling; Carolyn Mary Brace, Reading Education;
    Judith Ivy, English Education; James E. Kuczero, Music Education; Terrence L. McAllister, Physical Education; William E. McLean, School Counseling; Carole Phipps, Mathematics Education; John S. Puls, Physical Education; Tina Vanyo, Mathematics Education;
  • JOHNSTON--Jacob Todd Hewlett, Physical Education;
  • RICHMOND--Amanda Moore Gainey, Physical Education; Rita M. Gibson, Elementary Education, K 6;
  • ROBESON--Karen Dyer, Service Agency Counseling; Amanda Edwards, Elementary Education, K 6; Cheryl C. Jacobs, Reading Education; Vonda Jacobs Graham, School Counseling; Shirley R. Johnson, Elementary Education, K 6; Jeannine M. Locklear, School Counseling; Royce Bullard Locklear, Reading Education; Denise Douglas McKoy, Service Agency Counseling; Patricia Watson Price, Service Agency Counseling; Bobbie Jo Sampson McLean, Elementary Education, K 6; Steven A. Skarie, Reading Education; Courtney B. Walters, Service Agency Counseling; Sandra McNeill White, Elementary Education, K 6; Melissa Sherill Williamson, School Counseling;
  • SCOTLAND--Allison Brooke Gorden, Elementary Education, K 6; Leah Marie Skarie, Reading Education;
  • WAKE--Haylee Brooke Slaughter, Physical Education;
  • Not specified--Jacqueline A. Gil, Reading Education;


  • CUMBERLAND--Christopher M. Berg, Business Management & Administration;


  • BLADEN--Jennifer Batton Dowless, Public Management;
  • CHATHAM--Stephen Michael Ruziecki, Public Management;
  • COLUMBUS--Vickie Shepherd Pait, Public Management;
  • HARNETT--Shavonda Lamae Chance, Public Management;
  • NASH--Shanelle T. Bullock, Public Management;
  • RICHMOND--Pamela Boone Easterling, Public Management;
  • ROBESON--Carol Jean Cummings, Public Management; Billie Jo Hunt, Public Management; Melanie Strickland Hunt, Public Management; Angela Hunt Locklear, Public Management; Billenna Gearl Locklear, Public Management, Health Administration); Kathy Joyce Locklear, Public Management; Kimberly Haywood Locklear, Public Management; Lawrence Travis Locklear, Public Management; Kristina N. Locklear Cummings, Public Management; Geneva M. Mackley, Public Management; Luisa C. Martinez, Public Management; Andrea Vukcevic, Public Management; Luciana Stackhouse Yarborough, Public Management;
  • SCOTLAND--Alvin Bruce Blackmon, Public Management; Mary Lee Nichols, Public Management;
  • INTERNATIONAL--Xia Yu, Public Management; Juyang Zhang, Public Management;


  • ANSON--Thomasina W. Montgomery, School Administration;
  • BLADEN--Michele Willoughby Cain, School Administration;
  • BRUNSWICK--David Matthew Ruth, School Administration;
  • COLUMBUS--Brett Christopher Burroughs, School Administration;
  • CUMBERLAND--David Eugene Guy Jr., School Administration; Damon Thomas Herbert, School Administration; Dorothy B. Lagrone, School Administration; Larry Wayne Tearry, School Administration;
  • MECKLENBURG--Marlton Allie Godwin, School Administration;
  • RICHMOND--Cynthia Kay Whitley, School Administration;
  • ROBESON--Denise Sampson Hunt, School Administration; Michael Jerome Stephens, School Administration;
  • SAMPSON--James Alex Workman, School Administration;
  • SCOTLAND--Joseph Greene Critcher, School Administratinn; Lillian Manning McDavid, School Administration;