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Student in the Spotlight: Sarah Ward

Photograph of Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward is majoring in English at UNCP.

A resident of Whiteville, North Carolina, Sarah Caroline Ward is a sophomore English major with a concentration in Education. We recently reached out to her to learn a little more about her experiences in the program here at UNCP and to gain a bit of insight into the life of an English major.

What made you decide to major in English?

I’ve always loved reading, and I’ve loved every English class I’ve ever taken. As I became older I had trouble deciding what I was going to major in, so I believed it made the most sense to go with something that I enjoyed.

What’s your favorite thing about being an English Major?

I like that I’m able to do more than just read a piece and be done with it. I love looking at a piece from a different perspective or thinking about why it was written and how it impacted the world.

What do you wish people outside the major understood about the field?

Many people have said to me that majoring in English is only useful if a person plans on teaching. People believe that it is not practical, but there are many professions that may not require an English degree, but it helps immensely.

What do like to read for fun?

I like to read psychological thriller novels when I get the chance.

Is there a book you hate to admit to NOT having read?

My mother has been begging me to read Wuthering Heights for years, so I’m ashamed that I haven’t read it yet.

How do you spend your free time (when you’re not reading, of course!)?

I don’t have much free time as of recently, but I usually just spend time with my friends and family.