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Student in the Spotlight: Lakota Craft

English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages
Photo of Lakota Craft

What made you decide to major in English?   
I chose to major in English after completing my twelfth grade required English course. Over the duration of the course, students were assigned “free writes” as morning work, an assignment that was given to promote the use of raw imagination and motivate creativity. The flexibility of the assignment allowed me to explore my own writing abilities and what type of styles and genre that were best suited to my capabilities. Yet, when I began completing the assignments I did not immediately connect with my passion for writing. Instead, it was not until my mother, who is also an English major, read over my stories that I truly discovered my passion for writing and desire to create materials that others would want to read.

What’s your favorite thing about being an English Major? 
My favorite thing about becoming an English major is the vast amount of exposure to a variety of literature and authors. This exposure allows me to learn different styles of writing and to gather information concerning how to improve my own writing. My professors are also largely responsible for this exposure, due to their relentless teachings of literature ranging from countries all over the globe, and ability to cover multiple time periods of history and accounts of the written word.

What do you wish people outside the major understood about the field? 
I would love for people outside of my major to understand the number of opportunities that my major provides. It allows me to read and understand literature dating from centuries ago to the modern age literature. I believe that this major provides a unique outlook on the world, because it prompts the understanding of different cultures, people, and ideas.

What do like to read for fun? 
During, my spare time I enjoy reading poetry by the author, Erin Hanson, whose innovative works inspired me to broaden my comfort zone when writing. I also enjoy reading modern fictional works by Diana Gabaldon, George R.R. Martin, and Stephen King. They are all writers whose talents I admire and who possess a range of storytelling skills and techniques that I one day hope to obtain.  

Is there a book you hate to admit to NOT having read?
While, I have read a variety of books I have not read the Lord of the Rings series by J.R. R. Tolkien. It is a series that I have previously found interesting, but have not have had time to read.  I intend to read them over the course of the upcoming summer.  

How do you spend your free time (when you’re not reading, of course!)?
When I am not occupied with school and homework, I spend most of my free time at my home or at my church. At my church, I teach a fourth-grade class on Wednesday nights and assist with Bible Drill practice and preparation. I also spend my remaining time with my family whose unwavering support of my education encourage me to continue to learn and continually expand my knowledge and education.