Solo Exhibition of Begnaud Paintings

Portrait of Ling-wen by Joseph Begnaud SOLO EXHIBITION OF BEGNAUD PAINTINGS
Portrait of Ling-wen by Joseph Begnaud.

An exhibition of paintings by Joseph Begnaud (Art) is on view in Fayetteville, NC, through March 15th.  “Separate from the Natural World” is the first solo exhibition by the artist in the city. Paintings produced over a period of 12 years are on display, including large scale portraits and small studies. Human figures in compelling, at times theatrical, settings fill the gallery. “My paintings are dreams, not because they reference actual experiences or illustrations of a literal dream that I have had,” states Begnaud. “Dreaming is a play of the mind that operates on a level of metaphor and emotion. References are derived from daily life but are in no way subject to reality’s normal laws.”

The exhibition, curated by Soni Martin of Fayetteville State University, is at Gallery 208 in the headquarters of Up & Coming Weekly located at 208 Rowan St. Fayetteville.