Social work journal begins 5th year at UNCP


The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (JSWVE), headquartered at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke,will begin its 5th year of publication in January 2008.

stephen_marson_headshotThe first edition of the online journal was published September 1, 2004. Senior editor and founder of the publication is UNCP social work Professor Dr. Stephen Marson. The journal is published at

“When we started the journal, we realized the professor had no academic and professional sources of information,” Dr. Marson said. “Values and ethics was the only curriculum area which had no venue to disseminate cutting-edge information.”

Most highly specialized journals such as JSWVE do very well with a subscription rate of 600, he said. At the end of its first year, JSWVE had a subscription rate of 1,500. At the end of its 4th year, the subscription rate is over 3,000.

“There is a freedom with an online journal that is not available with paper publication,” Dr. Marson said.

Two new ideas appeared during the 4th year of publication that includes video editorials and book reviews.

“Instead of reading the traditional analysis of a book, subscribers will be able to watch interviews with the authors,” Dr. Marson said. “The authors will be able to address issues that are difficult or impossible to place in print.”

The first video was published in fall 2007 in Volume 4, Number 2.  
“Our readers seem to enjoy the option of seeing an interview with an author,” he said.

JSWVE also originated a national term paper contest. The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) became the co-sponsors and assigned a team of professional editors to judge the entries. The papers received many positive comments from graduate level faculty from around the U.S. and Canada, Dr. Marson said.

White Hat Communications, a relatively small, niche publishing company from Harrisburg, Pa., publishes The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics as well as The New Social Worker and several other journals and books.

Since starting the values and ethics journal, Dr. Marson was asked to join the editorial board of two additional journals Contemporary Rural Social Work and The Journal of Forensic Social Work.

“We have received many complimentary letters, but never a negative letter,” Dr. Marson said.

Comments from readers have been positive, Dr. Marson said.
Journal reader Elise Beaulieu, a social worker and Ph.D. candidate, said “I would like to tell you how much I like the e-journal and hope that you will continue to have this available to the public. Thank you for your contributions to social work knowledge.”

Doug Burnham, a retired professor from Eastern Kentucky University, said, “Congratulations on another successful publication. I remember the birth of this journal, and I praise you for your willingness to make it widely accessible.”

The stated mission of the journal is: “to examine the ethical and value issues that impact and are interwoven with social work practice, research and theory development. JSWVE addresses ethical and value issues that encompass the full range of social problems and issues that social workers encounter. The journal provides the necessary historical perspectives on the development of social work values and ethics, as well as presents articles providing value and ethical dilemmas stemming from state-of-the-art developments.”

Dr. Marson may be reached at 910.521.6380 or by email at