School of Education Keeps 'Exemplary' Rating


Zoe Locklear 

Dr. Zoe W. Locklear, Dean of School of Education


For the second consecutive year, UNC Pembroke's School of Education received the highest rating in the annual review of the State Board of Education. The school tacked two additional points on last year's exemplary rating.

UNCP received the third highest rating among 47 colleges and universities in North Carolina with teacher education programs.

The School of Education scored 138 of a possible 150 points in 14 different categories. A score of 135 or better earns the highest, "exemplary" rating.

Five other schools earned exemplary ratings: UNC Greensboro, Duke University, East Carolina University, Western Carolina University and Salem College. UNCP scored highest among small colleges and universities

Categories include technology, enrollment, service to surrounding communities, student satisfaction with the program and compliance with accreditation standards.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said the continued high ranking of UNCP's School of Education confirms what university officials and faculty have know for many years about UNCP.

"When you look at the other schools that were rated exemplary, it really speaks to the quality of education that our students are getting and the hard work of our faculty," Chancellor Meadors said. "When you consider that we are a very small department with just 13 full-time professors, it says even more about what a great job we are doing."

UNCP's scores have increased every year from 120 in 1999, to 136 in 199 and 138 in 2000, Education Dean Zoe Locklear was pleased with the results and with the continue gains.

"We improved in categories of faculty and institutional involvement with the public schools, services to beginning teachers and services to lateral entry teachers," Dr. Locklear said. "I just want to thank everyone involved with this report. I am so proud of the statewide recognition we receive from these outstanding results."

"We looked for areas where we did not achieve the highest possible results and planned with these areas in mind," Dr. Locklear said. "We made a conscious effort to help new teachers and to improve national teacher exam scores, and our efforts were rewarded."

The dean praised her dedicated faculty and support staff, and also praised the 13 public school units served by UNCP.

"We simply could not be effective in some of these areas without the cooperation of the public schools," she said. "They work very closely with us in planning."

Dr. Locklear said the solid performance is a reflection of continuing programs combined with new initiatives. NC Teach a program for lateral entry teachers started last summer and a program to support teachers working on National Board Certification started this fall.

During the 2000-2001 school year, UNCP had 427 graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Education.

Other schools in the region scores: Campbell University - 126; Fayetteville State University - 116; St. Andrews College 113 and Methodist College - 100.