Robert Nunnery elected president of the Association of Student Governments


UNC Pembroke Student Government President Robert Nunnery was elected president of the Association of Student Governments on March 23. The ASG represents the students of all 17 UNC system universities.

Robert NunneryNunnery, who also serves on UNCP’s Board of Trustees, will have a seat on the UNC Board of Governors. He will take office after the April meeting of the board.

The election achieved several “firsts” for the ASG and UNCP. Nunnery is Pembroke’s first ASG president. He was the first write-in candidate to be elected.

Nunnery accomplished the feat on the first ballot. His running mate was Olivia Sedwick, a sophomore from Winston-Salem State University.

Nunnery’s ticket won on the strength of support from historically minority schools (HBCUs), but he is moving quickly to shore up any divisions in ASG ranks.

“We campaigned via email and our HBCU supporters worked hard for us,” he said. “We will represent all 17 schools, and we are consolidating the platforms of all three candidates.

“We realize that we don’t have all the answers,” Nunnery said. “We plan to add one of the other candidates to our team.”

Nunnery’s campaign platform was all about support for higher education in North Carolina.

“Our platform is about state relations advocacy,” he said. “We’re concerned the governor’s budget will negatively impact the integrity of academics in the system.

“North Carolina has historically invested in higher education, and we fear some erosion in this budget,” Nunnery continued. “This state depends on a college educated workforce to drive the economy.”

Although the governor has not discussed shuttering one or more UNC campuses, the issue recently surfaced in the General Assembly.

“Both Olivia and I are from smaller campuses, so we’re in a position to address that issue,” Nunnery said. “We will focus on advocacy.

“It is important for the state to have a balanced budget,” he said. “We will work for a sustainable budget for UNC and all of North Carolina.”

  Nunnery said his administration would build relationships with the UNC Board of Governors, General Administration and the General Assembly. The Board of Governors will hold its April meeting at UNCP.

“I will not take office until some time after the April meeting,” Nunnery said. “However, I hope to address the full meeting of the board.”

From Fayetteville, Nunnery is a junior social studies education major. He plans to graduate the semester after his ASG term expires so that he can do his student teaching.