Pembroke Magazine No. 37 published


Shelby Stephenson says “the small press world is a slow miracle” and “a miracle that it happens at all.”

Shelby StephensonThe newest edition of Pembroke Magazine, UNC Pembroke’s distinguished literary journal, was published this summer. With a press run of 500 copies, the journal is small and a long-running miracle in its 37th year.

“It has a long history,” Dr. Stephenson said in a telephone interview from his Johnston County home. “Not many magazines last more than seven years.”

During his 26 years as editor, Dr. Stephenson has provided ink for some outstanding authors - some firmly established and some, like Robert Morgan and Clyde Edgerton, who were headed for the best-seller list.

Pembroke Magazine Number 37 will be familiar to its faithful readers with a few surprises.

The cover of the journal speaks to the simplicity and unchanging mission of the enterprise.

Things do change at Pembroke Magazine’s offices located in UNCP’s Adolph L. Dial Humanities Building. Number 37 shed the traditional Times New Roman font for a more modern look on the cover.

Managing Editor Tina Emanuel said the graphics in Number 37 are more involved.

“This edition has more art and pictures,” Emanuel said. “I think it adds to the magazine.”

Another feature this year is the use of three section or guest editors:

  • Robert West, assistant professor of literature at Mississippi State University, is editor of the featured section on poet William Harmon.
  • New York poet Steven Sher edited the section on poet and fellow small press publisher Glenna Luschei.
  • Dr. Liliana Wendorff, coordinator of UNCP’s foreign languages department, edited a section on Peruvian-born writer Daniel Alarcon.

Number 37 is “a good issue,” Dr. Stephenson said.

“William Harmon is a comic genius with a real moral center to his work too,” he said.

“If you had to name three people who are central and active in the world of small press, Glenna Luschei is two of them,” he said.

“Liliana is a great find,” Dr. Stephenson said. “Daniel Alarcon is a new writer with a new book of short stories” (“War by Candlelight” Harper Collins; 2005).

UNCP English Professor and Honors College Dean Jesse Peters will guest edit a large American Indian literature section in Number 38.

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