New faculty award established at UNCP


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke will have a new faculty award in 2005.

Dr. Eric B. Dent, dean of the School of Business, and his wife Amy have agreed to create an endowment to support an annual award for an outstanding business faculty member.

“The purpose of the gift is to recognize our faculty and to honor the rich tradition of outstanding scholars and dedicated teachers,” Dr. Dent said. “Amy and I want to support the excellence taking place at UNCP. We are very committed to the success of this institution and its students.”

The award will go to a faculty member who demonstrates outstanding teaching, scholarship and service to the University and exemplary organizational citizenship behavior.

The name of the award is the Peter B. Vaill Facultyship Award. It is named after a professor who exemplifies the ideals of the award, Dr. Dent said.

“Dr. Vaill was instrumental in my own education, and he embodied all-around faculty excellence,” he said.

Peter VaillDr. Vaill is currently the distinguished professor of management at Antioch University where he directs a doctoral program in leadership and change.

“Although Dr. Vaill devoted much of his career to scholarly research, he never lost sight of the importance of the classroom where he is able to transfer his excitement for learning to his students,” Dr. Dent said. “His prowess in the classroom, his genuine concern for students, his love of research and his flair for writing, and his out-of-the-ordinary willingness to go beyond the classroom in mentoring both students and peers make him deserving of emulation.”

Dr. Roger G. Brown, Provost and Chief Academic Officer added, “It is wonderful to see a member of the UNCP community give back to the University in this way. It is a great testament and commitment to UNCP and its mission.”

For more information about this award, please call the School of Business at 910.521.6214. For information about gifts to UNCP, please call the Office for Advancement at 910.521.6252.