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Masters Programs Students Have Deep Roots


The Masters Program in ETFL was proud to have four strong graduates defend their theses or complete their capstones and receive their degrees this spring.

Amber Hester presented “An Investigation into the Transition from the High School to the College Setting for Students Who Speak Lumbee Vernacular English,” Asia Muhammad wrote on "The Walking Dead: Michonne, Tropes, and Exploitation," and Brittani Allen defended  “Grow Up, Alice: Identity Development Through Nonsense in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.” Donte McDowell, as an MAT student did a capstone rather than a thesis.

Fun fact one: all four graduates had UNCP ties prior to starting their Masters work: Allen, Hester, and Muhammad all received undergraduate degrees from UNC-P, while McDowell received an MPA from UNCP before beginning her MAT.

Even more fun fact: while it's not surprising that all four took classes from Dr. Roger Ladd, the director of the Graduate Program, Muhammad and Allen both had Ladd for English 1060 (Allen had him for 1050 as well!) and McDowell had him for Engl 3040. Hester was the lone stand out, waiting until she began her Masters to work with Dr. Ladd.