Indianhead Yearbook Wins Top National Honors


Indian headAs editor of UNC Pembroke's yearbook, Sarah-Lynn Brown said she learned something about the creative process.

"The theme came to me over time," Ms. Brown said. "It took a lot of brainstorming and just going at it and at it," the Fayetteville native said. "Then, all of a sudden I had it."

What the senior art major had was an award-wining idea for the 2000 Indianhead. This spring it was awarded the All-Columbia Scholastic Press Association's silver medal for overall excellence and top awards in the areas of concept and design.

It is the first time in recent history the yearbook took two top honors.

Ms. Brown learned that creativity is "95 percent perspiration and five percent inspiration," said yearbook advisor Sara Oswald.

"Sarah has a lot of talent for visual images, and she is also an excellent writer," Ms. Oswald said.

That combination of talent may not be the most common package, but Ms. Brown has nurtured both talents in her undergraduate career. The art major graduated in 2000 but returned this year to finish a second major in English.

Besides three years on the yearbook staff, she also wrote and sketched comic strips for the school newspaper. This year Ms. Brown also won an ADDY Rising Star award for her advertising designs.

"I think as a total package this is the best yearbook in the 12 years I have been here. No, it is by far the best," Ms. Oswald said.

The theme of the 208-page yearbook was "Endless Flight," signifying the university's progress over time. A spiral staircase design was repeated in each section and the university's prominent flights of stairs were used as photo props for group pictures.

The theme also worked as a 20th century historical retrospective, which Ms. Brown wrote and designed.

Ms. Brown said she will pursue a career in advertising and design after graduation.