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Emergency Operations Training Held Tomorrow May 9



We would like to remind you of our “active shooter” training exercise on the UNCP campus tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9. There will be significant public safety presence during the exercise. 

The event, lasting several hours, will be a full-scale exercise involving local and county authorities. Actors will recreate an emergency situation on campus at an unknown location prompting immediate response from university officials and first responders. 

In order to avoid any confusion, the public is being notified ahead of time. UNCP Police and Public Safety (Campus Police), Robeson County Sheriff’s Department, Pembroke Police Department, Pembroke Fire Department, Robeson County Emergency Management and regional emergency rescue teams have planned for and are conducting this exercise to ensure coordinated, timely and effective response to the university, as well as to enhance the safety of our campus community. 

Parts of campus could be on lockdown at some point, causing buildings or locations to be unavailable. Transportation and roadways through campus may be inaccessible during the exercise. Parents, faculty, staff and students may receive emergency notifications throughout. Messages may be posted to social media, websites, and via mobile devices via our emergency alert system. In addition, anyone on campus during the event may hear emergency sirens. 

Designed to ensure our campus’ preparedness in an unforeseen event, this “active shooter” exercise is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of focused preparation. In the unlikely event of a situation on our campus, we want to ensure our response is effective and timely. Conducting and planning for this exercise allows us to assess our emergency preparedness and review the coordination and rapid response of all parties. Special thanks to Robeson County Emergency Management and local public safety officials for partnering with UNCP to conduct this training opportunity. 

Your continued safety on campus is important; thank you for your patience throughout this exercise. If you have questions or concerns during the exercise, please call campus police at 910.521.6235.