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Dr. Elizabeth Normandy takes post in Academic Affairs


With UNC Pembroke’s successful reaccreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) behind her, Dr. Elizabeth Normandy has taken on another challenge as interim associate vice chancellor for the Office of Academic Affairs.

Dr. Normandy, who led the last two 10-year SACS reviews, received word in December that UNCP’s accreditation was affirmed without a hitch. SACS is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the southern states.

In her new position, Dr. Normandy will take on a number of important projects from planning new degree programs - including the Doctor of Physical Therapy program - to implementation of a campus-wide writing program (QEP).

Dr. William Gash, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, said Dr. Normandy has the administrative experience to make a significant contribution to the University’s future.

“I am delighted that Dr. Normandy has agreed to assist Academic Affairs during this time of transition,” Dr. Gash said. “Liz's broad knowledge of UNCP, her work with various accreditation processes and her ability to work with faculty and staff will be very valuable to us all.”

Dr. Normandy replaces Dr. Kathleen Hilton, who retired at the close of 2011. A member of the Political Science Department faculty, Dr. Normandy said she is pleased with her newest challenge.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to serve the University in a new role,” she said. “The SACS reaccreditation is a great news and our results were outstanding.”

Over two years, Dr. Normandy and the SACS Committee produced more than 800 documents. UNCP was found to be in compliance with all standards and requirements.

“It was especially good news that they found no issues requiring follow-up,” Dr. Normandy said. “That is not always the case.”

Chancellor Kyle R. Carter was elated to hear the news.

“I received a call from SACS about our affirmation, and it is great news!” Chancellor Carter said in December. “That is as good a report as we can get.  

“I congratulate all of you for your hard work in preparing for the reaffirmation review,” he continued. “I know how much time and effort is required.”

Part of SACS mission is to stimulate institutional improvement, and Dr. Normandy will lead the key piece of that commitment with the QEP initiative.

“We will not be sitting idly over the next 10 years,” she said. “An important piece of our accreditation plan is the QEP or writing program.”

The writing initiative will touch every student and every department on campus.

“The QEP promises to enrich the learning experience for students at UNCP,” Dr. Gash said. “Written communication skills are vital for academic and career success and indispensible for engaged citizenry.”

Dr. Normandy leaves her post as director of the Teaching and Learning Center. And, for the first time in her 23 years on the faculty, Dr. Normandy will not teach in the spring semester.

She will be busy, and her duties are wide ranging:

  • coordinate several grants, including one from the N.C. Rural Center for outreach to small communities in the region;
  • work with the Summer Bridge program that supports student success among promising students who do not meet admissions requirements;
  • sit on the Curriculum and General Education committees;
  • conduct assessment planning; and coordinate communications with UNC General Administration.