Dong accepted into doctoral program at University of Minnesota

Xin Dong
Xin Dong

Xin Dong, a senior chemistry major and international student from Beijing, China, will continue her education in the doctoral program in chemistry at the University of Minnesota in the fall.

She was accepted into five other universities but chose the University of Minnesota because of its progressive technology which could be beneficial with a project she’s working on.

Dong, along with two others, started the Beijing Hoof Technology Company. The company utilizes technology to ensure the safety of international students who struggle with a language barrier.

At UNCP, Dong is a member of the Chinese Club, Honors Chemistry Society, Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, and serves as a Chancellor’s Ambassador.

Being involved in these organizations made her feel more connected to the university and provided her with the opportunity to meet people through events she was invited to attend and activities. She feels like part of the campus community.

“I’m not just an international student, it makes me feel like I’m a real part of UNCP,” she said.

When asked what her favorite thing is about UNCP, she narrowed it down to the access to her professors. She was amazed at the level of availability the professors at UNCP make for their students.

“Xin Dong has always been very involved on campus and I have heard compliments from her professors all the time,” said Qi “Larry” Liu, Asian Program coordinator for the Office of Global Engagement.

“I am not surprised by her academic accomplishments. I have no doubt that she will continue to succeed and she will always cherish her time at UNCP where she realized her dream.”

For international students, her advice is to get involved on campus, get to know people and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. For some international students, language barriers can be intimidating but she encourages them to get involved. Befriending other students on campus makes the experiences richer.

“People here are very nice. They don’t treat you as just a student, but like a friend or family,” Dong said.

She is scheduled to graduate in May.