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Canoeing at Chalk Banks along the Lumber River

KIG float trip on the Lumber River near Chalk Banks
Participants in the Kids in the Garden float trip

On October 12th, 2019, the Kids in the Garden program went canoeing on the Lumber River, beginning at Chalk Banks in Lumber River State Park.  Ranger Zachary Lunn, UNCP 2016 Environmental Science graduate, gave a quick description of what was likely to be seen along the river. Then after a quick guide (for those who had never been canoeing) on how to paddle and how to steer. we began the 2.5 mile trip. Before getting into the canoes, everyone had to put on a life jacket for safety. Within a few minutes of getting into the river, undergraduate students Brandon Herron and Ronald Woodson tipped their canoe and fell into the river; the water was quite cold (see picture of them holding the canoe to be emptied of water).

It took about two hours to canoe downstream to the end of the trail. The scenery along the river was amazing. We saw and heard several bird species, as well as many insects including dragonflies and butterflies. We even saw a water snake swimming in the river. After we finished canoeing, we all had lunch in the picnic area and then headed back to campus for the students to go home with their parents.

Article Written by Brandon Herron.
Web manager's note: Biology faculty members Drs. Rita Hagevik and Katherine Thorington accompanied students on the float trip.