Campus Appearance Gets a Comprehensive Update


signChanges are being made all over the campus of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The most comprehensive beautification project in campus history is underway.

The university is spending $1.2 million to give UNCP a chic updated look.

"This is the first major investment in the appearance of our campus in university history," said Chancellor Allen C. Meadors. "It is a sweeping project that will pay dividends in many ways for many, many years to come."

"Students, faculty and staff will find unique ways to enjoy these new additions, and visitors will find our campus more attractive and accessible," said Chancellor Meadors.

Recently, the university renovated the main entrance sign to campus. Currently in progress are the exterior signage, sidewalk renovations, water feature and kiosk. In the near future, campus will also be adding a plaza for its residence hall cluster.

The university has asked Hayes/Howell, Architects, from Southern Pines, Stewart Engineers of Research Triangle Park and general contractors from Pleasant, Inc., of Fayetteville to construct an amphitheater/water feature. Located on the Arts Quad, the concrete-lined pond will have a fountain and bridge.

This major project is expected to be finished before the end of the fall semester.

"We expect the water feature to become one of the focal points on campus and the site of many new traditions," said Chancellor Meadors.

water featureThe water feature is also functional. It will serve as a holding tank for the water that will be circulated for use in the sprinkler system on campus. The amphitheater may serve many special purposes such as; Pembroke Day, Parent's Weekend, Music Department performances, Lumbee Homecoming, guest speakers and more.

This feature will become a gathering place for students, faculty, and staff, just to relax, study, or to even spend a lunch break.

A look at the buildings on campus reveals new exterior signage. Fifty-eight black and gold signs are being put up across campus. The signs are interchangeable, so if a department is added or moved, the nameplates can be changed without replacing the entire sign.

The university also boasts a lighted, black and gold main entrance sign that is sure to get the attention of passers-by.

The new signage and kiosk will help guide visitors to campus. A kiosk, or information center, will be constructed near the main entrance of campus off Old Main Drive and across from UNCP's new rose garden.

The kiosk will be an unmanned, drive-thru structure consisting of a map directory, an alphabetized list to locate buildings, and a phone connected to campus police.

"The kiosk will provide visitors with good directions on how to use our campus," Chancellor Meadors said.

The campus will soon be adding a dorm plaza. It will be a five-month project. The students will work with planners during the design phase. The plaza will consist of benches, additional lighting and possibly a fountain.

"The plaza we will construct at the dorms will be useful for students," said Chancellor Meadors.

Campus is also paving our way - that is with the sidewalk renovations they have been doing. Old, well-worked sidewalks are being replaced. Eye catching, brick-look walkways such as the one in front of Lumbee Hall are going in. In the future, this same look will be added to other areas across campus.

Crystal Locklear is a junior, public relations major at UNCP.