Bert's offering more options for UNCP diners



Neil Hawk, vice chancellor for Business Affairs, and Mike Nance, general manager for Sodexho

After a summer makeover, Bert's Cafe at UNCP's James B. Chavis University Center is open for business with a new look and more dining options.

Since it opened in 1987, Bert's has been the alternative dining solution for UNCP students, faculty and staff. It continues in its niche role with the addition of a "smoothie hut" and hot and cold "complete meals" to go.

"We'll have hot meals, like fried chicken, macaroni and vegetables, that students, faculty and staff can dine in or take out," said Mike Nance, general manager for Sodexho Food Services at UNCP. "Taco Bell, specialty coffees and the other fast food selections are still here, so students have even more options."

The island oasis smoothie hut sports bamboo trim and a thatched palm roof. The hut also offers "power protein" drinks and "fat burners," along with those tasty blended fruit and cream smoothies.

University officials are pleased with the new look and new offerings at Bert's.

"Mike and Sodexho have done a great job with Bert's," said Neil Hawk, vice chancellor for Business Affairs. "They have promoted change so our students will have more options as well as a new and interesting atmosphere. I think it will be popular."

Dining options with fast food convenience have come to define Bert's and, the new look for the 2004-05 school year will be no exception. Besides Taco Bell, Bert's features subs and sandwiches, a grill, salads, fruit, hot and cold drinks, pizza, snacks and Krispy Crème doughnuts too. "The new look will give Bert's more of a food court look and feel," Nance said. "We've packed even more choices in there."

An awning has been installed and the glass atrium was removed, opening Bert's up to the University Center lobby, which is a major student hangout on campus.

"Opening up Bert's makes it bigger and more inviting," Hawk said. "The changes we have made move Bert's further into the mainstream of student life."