Alumni 'legacies' honored in new UNCP ceremony


legacy logoUNC Pembroke's "legacies" were honored at the first-ever banquet this fall.

A university legacy is the child of a graduate, and 28 freshman legacies enrolled at UNCP this fall - a University record! The Office of Alumni Relations hosted the students and their parents at a dinner and pinning ceremony at the Givens Performing Arts Center on campus.

Alumni Director Lorna McNeill Ricotta said the event highlights the growing importance of UNCP alumni.

"We can't overestimate the importance of recognizing our alumni and students for choosing UNCP as a family tradition," Ricotta said. "Instead, we must celebrate the legacy as a testament to the outstanding education and quality college life offered at UNCP."

A special pin was created for the event, which will become an annual tradition, said Alumni Director Lorna McNeill Ricotta.

"The pin contains the University seal with a red border, symbolizing the bloodlines of our graduates being passed down to the next generation," Ricotta said.

"As the university grows, our alumni become a more important life force for us," the Alumni Director said. "The large number of legacies at the University speaks to the growing importance of tradition at UNCP."

A separate program will be held later in the year for legacies who are upperclassmen. "Now that the recognition has been established, we want to ensure that every student who is eligible gets pinned in an effort to continue the tradition," Ricotta said.

To learn more about this or other Alumni programs, call 1-800-949-UNCP, 910-521-6533 or e-mail

The following is a list of the freshman legacies followed by their hometown and names of their parents who attended the banquet and the year of their graduation from UNCP, if available.

The following is a list of student legacies followed by their hometown and parents names and graduation dates:

  • Beech, Nina Michelle, Lumberton, Sandra Carter '94
  • Brooks, Dominique Emilia, Lumberton, Dalton '84 and Emma Brooks
  • Carter, Fallon Delois, Pembroke, Donnie '90 and Jennifer Carter
  • Chavis, Anthony C., Laurinburg, Anthony '88 and Margaret Chavis
  • Collins, Bretton Dekova, Rowland, Kenneth '73 and Brenda '70 Collins
  • Deese, Justin Tyler, Pembroke, Michael and Irma '75 Deese
  • Deese, Lindsey, Rowland, Haynes '90 and Verdia Deese'70
  • Dellinger, Erica Nicole, Pembroke, Tony '77 and Rhonda Dellinger '78,
  • Godwin, Quinn West, Pembroke, Harvey '91 and Sheila '89 Godwin
  • Hunt, Margo A., Lumberton, Bonnie Sampson
  • Hunt, Michael Cody, Lumberton, Felicia Hunt '88
  • Hunt, Shani Victoria, Lumberton, James and Hattie '89 Hunt
  • Jacobs, Lakeshia Ariella, Pembroke, William and Ella Mae '68 Jacobs
  • Jacobs, Nicole, Pembroke, Leon '79 and Connie Jacobs
  • Jernigan, Nathan Lewis, Fayetteville, Jeffery '90 and Joyce '90 Jernigan
  • Locklear, Adrienne E., Pembroke, Anthony '78 and Terri '83 Locklear
  • Locklear, Amber Renee, Pembroke, Belinda Locklear '89
  • Locklear, Britany Leigh, Lumberton, Kenneth '75 and Phyllis Locklear
  • Locklear, Deidra C., Pembroke, Denzel '76 and Joann '76 Locklear
  • Locklear, Elizabeth Dawn, Shannon, Michael '82 and Wanda Locklear
  • Locklear, Erica Jo, Pembroke, Dexter and Jennifer '03 Locklear
  • Locklear, Mara D., Pembroke, James and Letha '86 Locklear
  • Lowry, Anya DeAnn, Pembroke, Craig '78 and Elaine '80 Lowry
  • Lucas, Cary Jo, Parkton, Gary '93 and Betty Lucas
  • Parker, Robert Edward Lee, III, Roanoke Rapids, N.C., Robert '80 and Terrie '80 Parker
  • Peele, Joseph Alan, Fayetteville, Warren and Jackie Peele
  • Ray, Shelley Beth, Fayetteville, Gilbert '73 and Barbara Ray
  • Register, Courtney Gracelyn, Raleigh, Terry '79 and Grace Register