2020-2021 Request for Unsubsidized Loan Increase (Per Parent PLUS Denial)

Directions: Please complete and sign this form online. While it is our preference that this form be submitted through the online form, we also want to present the option of submitting a hard copy. If you would prefer to submit a hard copy, then please print the file located at the bottom of this page, complete and return it to the Office of the Financial Aid.

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This application is a request for an increase in your unsubsidized loans due to an increase in eligibility that resulted from a Parent PLUS denial. If your parent has attempted to apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan and their credit check decision was denied, you may be eligible for an additional loan amount through the Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan program.

Remember that borrowing additional funds will increase your overall indebtedness. It is important that you budget effectively and attempt to limit your overall borrowing while in college in order to be able to manage loan repayments in the future.

Questions regarding the credit decision should be directed to Direct Loans.

Students may only receive one PLUS loan per term. Students may not receive a PLUS loan and PLUS denial in the same term. If both parents apply for a PLUS loan request during the same term, the student may choose which one they would like to use but may not use both.

Freshmen and sophomores may request an additional $4000 and juniors and seniors may request an additional $5000 for the academic year.

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I acknowledge that a parent has applied for the Federal Parent PLUS Loan and has been denied. As a result of this denial, I would like to request an increase in my Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan. I hereby authorize the UNC Pembroke Office of Financial Aid to make the changes requested above. I also understand that all loans are divided into two disbursements including single term (ex. Fall only, Spring only) only loans.

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