Membership - Your Representatives for Shared-Governance


Joe West, Chair
SBS, to 2023, Office: Business Administration Building 207

Mark Tollefsen, Secretary
Arts, to 2021, Office: Moore Hall 203


Arts Division
Mark Tollefsen, Secretary, to 2021
Nathan Thomas, to 2023
Laura Hess, to 2022

Education Division
Camille Goins, to 2023
David Oxendine, to 2021
Gretchen Robinson, to 2022

Letters Division
Robin Snead, to 2022
Wendy Miller, to 2021
Richard Vela, to 2023

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division
Maria Pareira, to 2023
Benjamin Killian, to 2021
Bill Brandon, to 2022

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
Joe West, Chair, to 2023
Jack Spillan, to 2021
Victor Bahhouth, to 2022

College of Health Sciences Division
Deborah Hummer, to 2022
Shenika Jones, to 2021
Cindy Locklear, to 2023

At-Large Members
Timothy Altman, to 2022
Cherry Beasley, to 2021
Mabel Rivera, to 2021
Renee Lamphere, to 2023
Melissa Schaub, to 2023
David Young, to 2021

Ex Officio Members
Robin Cummings, Chancellor
Zoe Locklear, Interim Provost