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Membership - Your Representatives for Shared-Governance


Aaron Vandermeer, Chair
Arts, to 2019

June Power, Secretary
Arts, to 2019 (Web Information Coordinator)


Arts Division
Joseph Van Hassell, to 2020
June Power, Secretary, to 2018
Aaron Vandermeer, Chair, to 2019

Education Division
Joe Sciulli, to 2020
David Oxendine, to 2018
Heather Kimberly Dial Sellers, to 2019

Letters Division
Richard Vela, to 2018
Abigail Mann, to 2020
Enrique Porrua, to 2019

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division
Nathan Phillippi, to 2020
Dennis McCracken, to 2018
Sally Vallabha, to 2019

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
Michael Spivey, to 2020
Xinyan Shi, to 2018
Mitu Ashraf, to 2019

At-Large Members

Beverly Justice, to 2018
Cliff Mensah, to 2018
David Young, to 2018
Polina Chemishanova, to 2019
Jose D’Arruda, to 2019
John Parnell, to 2019
Ottis Murray, to 2020
Joe West, to 2020
Roger Guy, to 2020

Ex Officio Members
Robin Cummings, Chancellor
David Ward, Provost