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Membership - Your Representatives for Shared-Governance


Senate Chair: Holden Hansen, ARTS to 2024
Office: Givens Performing Arts Center, 209

Senate Secretary: Maria Pereira, NSM to 2023
Office: Oxendine Science Building 2217


Arts Division (ARTS)
TBD, 2020-2023
Holden Hansen, Senate Chair, 2021-2024
Beata Niedzialkowska, 2022-2025

Education Division (EDUC)
Gerald Neal, 2020-2023
Camille Goins, 2021-2024
Jennifer Whittington, 2022-2025

Letters Division (LETT)
Richard Vela, 2020-2023
Peter Grimes, SACL Chair, 2021-2024
James Hudson, 2022-2025

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division (NSM)
Maria Pereira, Senate Secretary, 2020-2023
Roland Stout, 2021-2024
Timothy Anderson, 2022-2025

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division (SBS)
TBD, AITC Chair, 2020-2023
Porter Lillis, 2021-2024
Matt Schneider, 2022-2025

College of Health Sciences Division (CHS)
Cindy Locklear, 2020-2023
Jennifer Wells, CCE Chair, 2021-2024
Jennifer Jones-Locklear, 2022-2025

At-Large Members (At Large)
Renee Lamphere, AAC Chair, 2020-2023
Melissa Schaub, BAC Chair, 2020-2023
TBD, 2021-2024
Kelly Charlton, FIAC Chair, 2021-2024
Carla Rokes, 2022-2025
Rachel Morrison, 2022-2025

Ex-Officio Members (Ex-Officio)
Robin Cummings, Chancellor
Marsha Pollard, Provost