Student Publications Board

Chair: Amy Williams


  • Darlene Natale, Faculty Advisor of The Pine Needle
  • Karen Helgeson, Faculty Advisor of The Aurochs
  • Sara Oswald, Faculty Advisor of The Indianhead
  • Leslie Bell, Budget Authority
  • Amy Williams, Chair and Faculty Member
  • Lisa Schaeffer, AVC for Student Affairs
  • Jessica Home, Student Newspaper Editor
  • Citori Swink, Student Literary Magazine Editor
  • TBD, SGA designee
  • Alex Smith, Student Yearbook Editor (selected by SPB)


The Student Publications Board serves as the selection committee for the newspaper editor, the yearbook editor, and literary magazine editors, and serves as the arbitrator in the event that censorship pressures arises, and develops other roles which the Board deems proper. The Board does not, however, attempt to provide active oversight of the day-to-day workings of student publications.


The committee meets as needed.