Student Affairs & Campus Life Committee

Chair: Renee Lamphere

Secretary: Joe Sciulli


  • Renee Lamphere, Senator and Chair
  • Joe Sciulli, Senator
  • Susan Edkins, Senator
  • Cynthia Miecznikowski, Faculty Member
  • Rachel Morrison, Faculty Member
  • Brian Smith, Faculty Member
  • Amy Williams: Chair of Student Publications Board
  • Lisa Schaeffer, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
  • Omar Torres, SGA President
  • Kevin Freeman, Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Simone Spencer Student Selected by VC for Student Affairs
  • Jorden Revels Student Selected by VC for Student Affairs


The Student Affairs and Campus Life Committee studies and makes recommendations about areas of student affairs or campus life, either those referred to it or initiated by it. The Committee is responsible for the Student Publications Board.


The Committee meets on the third monday of the month during the regular academic year.