Student Affairs & Campus Life Committee

Chair: Renee Lamphere

Secretary: Matthew Hassett


  • Renee Lamphere, Senator and Chair
  • Sojin Jang, Faculty Member
  • Laura Hess, Senator
  • Timothy Altman, Senator
  • Matt Hassett, Faculty Member and Secretary
  • Laura Staal, Faculty Member
  • Amy Williams: Chair of Student Publications Board
  • Lisa Schaeffer, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
  • Cotrayia Hardison, SGA President
  • Kevin Freeman, Faculty Athletics Representative


The Student Affairs and Campus Life Committee shall consider matters related to student affairs, student life, and intercollegiate athletics and make recommendations in such matters as they affect educational policies, curricula, and student development and wellbeing.


The Committee meets on the third Monday of the month during the regular academic year.


Click here for Academic Year 2020-2021 agendas and minutes.