Health, Safety and Environment Committee

Chair: Walter Lewallen
Secretary: TBD


  • Josephine Chaumba, SBS 
  • Laura Hess, ARTS
  • Paul Flowers, CAS 
  • Walter Lewallen, LETT 
  • David Young, Library 
  • Daren Nelson, NSM 
  • Kelly Blackmon-Moran, EDUC 
  • Secretary McDuffie Cummings, Chief of Police
  • Michael Bullard, Safety Officer for Environmental Health and Safety
  • Charles Chavis, Staff Council Representative



The Health, Safety and Environment Committee discusses and investigates issues related to the health concerns of students, staff and faculty due to environmental conditions on campus. The Committee has four regular meetings during the academic year. The meeting times and locations will be made "well known" to the campus community. Members of the Faculty, Staff or Student body may attend and make known concerns they have related to Health, Safety and Environment issues. The committee may meet more often when needed to investigate specific issues that may arise. The committee will make a report at the first Faculty Senate meeting that occurs after a Health, Safety and Environment Committee meeting.