Faculty Development and Welfare Subcommittee

Chair: Autumn Lauzon
Secretary: TBD


  • Katie Defiglio
  • Kathy McAllister
  • Laura Staal
  • Claudia Nickolson
  • Autum Lauzon, Chair
  • Melinda Rosenberg 
  • Don Beken
  • Carla Rokes
  • Calvina Ellerbe
  • Ashley Allen
  • Scott Hicks 
  • Angela Revels, Asst VC for Human Resources


The Subcommittee on Faculty Development and Welfare examines all proposals and policies relating to faculty, and shall, as necessary, makes recommendations to the Faculty and Institutional Affairs Committee on such matters. Among the areas of concern of the Faculty Development and Welfare Subcommittee are the following: Faculty development, evaluation, and criteria governing appointment and retention procedures; salary scale, leaves of absence, sabbaticals, fringe benefits, resignations, recognition of retirees, grievances, and collegiality. The Subcommittee also administers the James F. Hubbard Faculty Leave Fund.


The Subcommittee meets on the second Thursday of each month during the regular Academic year.