Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate

Chair: Mitu Ashraf
Secretary: Joe West


  • Mitu Ashraf
  • Joe West
  • Renee Lamphere
  • Abigail Mann
  • Joey Van Hassel
  • Ottis Murray

The Executive Committee prepares the Faculty Senate agenda and disseminates it prior to the regular meeting of the Senate. The Committee refers to appropriate Standing Committees or Special Committees' proposals and/or recommendations which it considers should be sent to these committees prior to the Senate. The Committee notes in its report receipt of such items and the disposition made of them. The Committee has general supervision of the affairs of the Senate between its regular meetings. This includes implementation of Senate-approved policies and procedures. None of these implementing actions is to conflict with actions taken by the Senate.

The Executive Committee the week preceding each Faculty Senate meeting.

Agendas and Minutes
Faculty Senate agendas serve as the Executive Committee minutes