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Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate

Chair: Abigail Mann
Secretary: Joseph Van Hassel


  • Abigail Mann, chair and senator
  • Joseph Van Hassel, secretary and senator
  • David Oxendine, chair of Committee on Committees and Elections and senator
  • Joe West, chair of Academic Information Technology Committee and senator
  • Joe Sciulli, chair of Faculty and Institutional Affairs Committee and senator
  • Robin Snead, chair of Academic Affairs and senator
  • David Young, chair of Student Affairs and Campus Life Committee and senator


The Executive Committee shall prepare a Senate Agenda and publish it to the General Faculty five days prior to each regular meeting. The Agenda for regular meetings of the General Faculty shall be determined by the Senate Executive Committee consisting of the Chancellor and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Senate Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Senate between its regular meetings. This includes the implementation of Senate-approved policies and procedures. None of these implementing actions shall conflict with actions taken by the Senate.

The Executive Committee the week preceding each Faculty Senate meeting.

Agendas and Minutes
Faculty Senate agendas serve as the Executive Committee minutes