Enrollment Management

Chair: Dorea Bonneau

Secretary: TBD


  • Frederick Stephens (SBS)
  • Melissa Schaub (LETT)
  • Joanna Hersey (ARTS) 
  • Dorea Bonneau (EDUC)
  • Rachel Smith (NSM) 
  • Lois Williams, AVC for Enrollment
  • Derek Oxendine, Director of Center for Student Success
  • Tyler Ross, SGA Representative


The function of the Enrollment Management Committee is to consider policies and standards related to admissions and recruitment, financial aid, retention, advising, graduation, and related areas. The Subcommittee is also charged with receiving expressions of concern or interest regarding any of the areas listed above from faculty, staff, administration, or students. The Subcommittee makes recommendations as necessary to the Academic Affairs Committee on these matters.


The Subcommittee meets on the second Wednesday of each month during the regular academic year.