Academic Support Services Subcommittee

Chair: Robert Arndt

Secretary: Mark Thompson

Committee Members:

  • Robert Arndt (ARTS)
  • Marisa Scott (EDUC) 
  • Mark Thompson (LETT) 
  • Deborah Hummer (NSM) 
  • Cindy Locklear (SBS) 
  • Alice Locklear (At-Large)
  • Erik Tracy (At-Large)
  • Brandy Brown, Director of Writing Center
  • Dennis Swanson, Dean of Library Services
  • Nicolette Campos, Director of ARC
  • Gabrielle Galbreath, Graduate Student Rep
  • Bradley Parish, SGA Senator
  • Derek Oxendine, Director of Academic Support Center



The Subcommittee on Academic Support Services examines proposals and policies relating to the operations and development of the Library, the Media Center, the Office of Computing and Informational Services, and the University Writing Center, and makes appropriate recommendations/proposals to the Academic Affairs Committee. The Subcommittee also conducts, with the assistance of the Office of Institutional Research, a regular, biennial survey of the University community to assess perceptions of facilities and services of each academic support service area.


The Subcommittee meets on the second Tuesday of each month during regular academic year.