Offices Closed

BraveNation: UNCP offices will be closed on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday, Aug. 11, 8 a.m.-noon. Normal operating hours resume Friday.

Faculty in Action

The Department of Kinesiology faculty are very active with publications, grants, and awards.  Faculty members also regularly serve on boards for professional organizations and mentor undergraduate and graduate students. 


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Professional Service

Dr. Teri Schlosser took over as the President of the North Carolina Association for the Advancement of Health Education (NCAAHE) at the March 2022 meeting of the NC Shape organization.  Dr. Susan Edkins joined her as the College/University representative on the NCAAHE board in June 2022. 

Drs. Teri Schlosser and Jessica Siegele were named the co-editors of the North Carolina Journal in September 2021. The North Carolina Journal is published by the North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Sport Management (also doing business as NC SHAPE). This is a professional peer-reviewed journal intended to meet the needs of AHPERD-SM educators and to serve as a forum for socioeconomic, educational and ethical issues.


Dr. Teri Schlosser (Evaluator) and Dr. Susan Edkins (Co-PI)  are part of an interdisciplinary team that was awarded a three-year, $500,000 grant to reduce racial disparities for expecting and parenting mothers in rural southeastern North Carolina. The grant was awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina as part of the company’s effort to decrease racial disparities in maternal and child health care in North Carolina by 50 % in five years. Funding will support the Health Equity Project, which is designed to improve maternal health through service provider education using evidence-based strategies to reduce and address structural racism and implicit bias among healthcare and education professionals who engage with mothers who are pregnant or parenting. Similar training will be offered to health and education students.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Susan Edkins was presented with the Linda H. Rudisill Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2022. 

In September 2021 Dr. Jessica Siegele was presented the 2021 Celia Brackenridge International Researcher for her article entitled “She is the best female coach”: NCAA Division I swimming coaches’ experiences of sexism. This award was given by the Anita White Foundation at the University of Chichester.