Student E-nnouncements

Announcement Emails to the Student Listserv

Understanding that a student’s university email is the official communication point from the university and that students are regularly contacted with important information, these guidelines intend to provide an effective format for communicating with students through the listserv about campus information that may be of interest to them. Official policies that also apply to the student listserv include the Student Email Policy and the Code of Conduct.

The following offices have direct access to send to the student listserv:

  • Campus Engagement and Leadership
  • Office of the Chancellor
  • Police and Public Safety
  • Student Affairs

All other UNCP affiliated offices and student organizations must submit items to Campus Engagement and Leadership for distribution to the listserv via E-nnouncements.

It will be the practice of Campus Engagement and Leadership to send E-nnouncements to the student listserv twice weekly. Once at 9 a.m. Monday morning and once at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. If offices are closed on Monday or Thursday, E-nnouncements will be sent during the next scheduled distribution. Plan your submissions accordingly to be as timely as possible.

E-nnouncements Submission Form
Events submission by:
Please describe the event in 250 words or less.
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