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This guide is divided into the following sections: Reference Resources, General Collection Resources, Electronic Databases, and Web Resources. The resources discussed below represent just a small portion of materials associated with Public Administration. For further assistance, please feel free to contact the Reference Desk at 910-521-6656, utilize the Ask A Librarian feature from our homepage, or stop by the Reference Desk at your convenience.

Reference Resources
The following items are located in the Reference Collection and are not available for checkout.

Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration / Jay M. Shafritz
[Ref H97.S483 2004]

Specific terms associated with public administration or public policy, such as accountability, administrative law, and capital punishment are defined. Certain court cases that had an impact on public policies such as Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) are also described.

Encyclopedia of Policy Studies / edited by Stuart S. Nagel
[Ref H97.E6 1994]

This book examines the various aspects of public policy study and evaluation. Some of the key concepts discussed include the implementation of policies, how policies are formulated, the decision-making process, and the comparison of policy utilization and implementation in various countries.

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy / edited by Jack Rabin
[Ref JK9.E526 2003]

This two-volume work discusses terms and concepts related to public administration and public policy, including theories describing the decision-making process in most types of administrative agencies, management structure in the human resources domain, regulations and their impact on public administration, and welfare reform. All of the concepts are in bold print for easy access and reference.

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy … Update Supplement / edited by Jack Rabin
[Ref JK9.E526 2003 Sup. No. 1]

As the title suggests, this book is designed to supplement the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. Additional topics are presented here, including administrative reform, the assessment of healthcare reform policy, strategic planning, and specific public policy implementation. Suggested reading is provided at the end of each chapter for further reference.

Handbook of Public Policy Evaluation / edited by Stuart S. Nagel
[Ref H97.H359 2002]

Stuart Nagel provides readers with a detailed analysis of the decisions that go into formulating public policy. Specific types of public policy models are described or defined such as the “win-win” or “lose-lose” policy. In both of these cases, the goal, as public policy-setter, is to determine the outcome of implementing public policies. Examples of policy initiatives are outlined (e.g., welfare reform).

The United States Government Manual, 2005-2006
[Ready Ref JK421.A3 2005-06]

All branches of the federal government are covered in this manual. Students who wish to locate information on public administration or policy matters at the federal level might consult the section devoted to the executive branch of the government. Some policy related bodies include the Council of Economic Advisors and the Council on Environmental Quality.

General Collection Resources
The following items are located in the General Collection and are available for checkout. Students will need to verify availability by using the library’s online catalog, BraveCat.

The Effective Public Manager: Achieving Success in a Changing Environment / Steven Cohen, William Eimicke
[JF1351.C574 2002]

Some of the topics discussed in this book include challenges facing public managers (e.g., retaining qualified personnel, utilizing innovative techniques effectively in the marketplace, etc.), the occasional need for and impact of reorganization within public service companies, and the importance of strategic planning in the public sector corporation.

Handbook of State Government Administration / edited by John J. Gargan
[JK2443.H35 2000]

John J. Gargan has compiled a text which will enable users to understand more fully how public administration concepts or strategies are utilized by state officials across the country. This text discusses the role of governors as the main “administrator” in all of the states. In addition, students will discover the decisions made by administrators in compiling or establishing the state budget, and other matters.

An Introduction to the Policy Process: Theories, Concepts, and Models of Public Policy Making / Thomas A. Birkland
[JK468.P64 B58 2001]

Thomas A. Birkland presents an analysis of how policies are made. Specifically, he depicts how policy agendas are established, the need for issues to arise that require public policy formation (for example, the prevalence of air pollution), and the goals that policy-setters make in order to meet their objectives.

The Legal Foundations of Public Administration / Donald D. Barry, Howard R. Whitcomb
[KF5402.B37 2005]

Donald D. Barry and Howard R. Whitcomb provide an in-depth analysis of some of the legal tools available to public administrators as they seek to establish policies. Samples of legal resources that are available include the Code of Federal Regulations which lists administrative procedures by subject area. In addition, specific agencies or commissions bound by administrative law, including the Federal Communications Commission or the Securities Exchange Commission, are examined.

Public Administration: An Action Orientation / Robert B. Denhardt
[JF1351.D45 2003]

Some of the topics mentioned include administrative organizations within the government (including the Executive Office of the President), the public policy process (i.e., how policies get established), public service ethics, and the skills needed to be an effective public manager (e.g., communication with the workforce). A glossary of terms and a list of public administration organizations are provided for easy reference. Public Administration: Concepts and Cases / edited by Richard J. Stillman
[JF1351.P816 2000]

This book introduces readers to concepts and cases dealing with the topic of public administration. Specific areas addressed include public administration and ethics, public policy evaluation (for example, the public school lunch program policy), and administrative agency organization. References are provided for further research.

Public Administration in America / Michael E. Milakovich, George J. Gordon
[JF1351.G66 2001]

Michael Milakovich and George J. Gordon introduce readers to the field of public administration by offering an in-depth examination of popular concepts such as decision-making, how agencies or other organizations are structured for maximum product output and efficiency, and the function of public policies. Each section of the book ends with a listing of online resources, including the website address, that will
aid interested students with further research.

Public Administration: Theory and Practice / S.L. Goel
[JF1351.G53 2003]

Public Administration: Theory and Practice offers readers another opportunity to gain additional knowledge regarding the scope of public administration. Specific topics covered in this book include administrative law, decision-making and public policy, and public relations theory. Case studies are used by the author to supplement the text.

Public Policy Making: Process and Principles / Larry N. Gerston
[JK468.P64 G47 2004]

Specific components of public policy making are mentioned such as the context or environment within which the policies are established, how agendas are made and implemented, and the process used to evaluate public policies (for example, determining
if the policy was implemented as originally intended).

Research Methods for Public Administrators / Elizabethann O’Sullivan, Gary R. Rassel
[JF1338.A2 O78 2003]

The authors intend this book to equip students who are working toward their master’s degree in public administration with the tools necessary to conduct effective public administration research. Some of the common research principles discussed include how to measure variables, data analysis, and how to relate research findings effectively in written format.

Electronic Databases

At the library’s home page (, click on the Electronic Resources link, select Database Subject and choose Public Administration from the listings. Users can also choose the Database Title link if they know which specific database on the topic of public administration for which they are searching.

Academic Search Premier

This electronic database might be useful since it provides access to full-text articles on public administration or specific public policy topics like healthcare, the establishment of policy agendas, administrative law, etc. Users can limit their searches to full-text articles or scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals that discuss their particular topic.

Business Source Premier

Like Academic Search Premier, users will be able to limit their searches in this database to both full-text and peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles. For instance, a search for articles on the topics of public administration and public policy yielded over 900 articles. Business Source Premier will enable students to search for more specific articles related to their particular topic.


The advanced search option will enable students to search for specific public administration articles. The “exact phrase” option pulls up many articles covering the public administration or public policy topic. Users should limit their search to journals (10 listed on the database) covering the discipline of public administration.

OmniFile Full-Text, Mega Edition

OmniFile Full Text, Mega Edition is a multidisciplinary database that will enable users to access full-text articles on a multitude of public administration topics, including public management, organizational structure, public policy, and management styles. Online searching can be limited to full-text articles only, peer-reviewed material, or scanned image (PDF) format articles.

PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) International

On this database, students can shorten or “truncate” their search in order to get the maximum number of public administration articles. Searching for articles using the truncated form of public administration (public admin*) produced over 2,000 journal articles. Students can modify their search on the PAIS database to include journal articles and English works only.

Web Resources

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)

Advice on how to pursue a career in public administration, details of upcoming conferences or meetings, and membership information is included on this website. Specific public administration periodicals like Public Administration Review and Public Administration Times are listed.

National Academy of Public Administration

The motto of the National Academy of Public Administration is “making government work and work for all.” Users can click on the Academy’s homepage links and find out further information concerning some of their subcommittees or activities. For instance, the Standing Panel on Executive Organization and Management seeks to study the management style of the federal government’s executive branch.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration

Visitors to this website will encounter information concerning the history of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. Users can also find out about Pi Alpha Alpha, the national honor society for public administration and affairs. A search screen entitled “find a graduate school” is included so that students can locate an appropriate public administration graduate school program.

National Center for Policy Analysis

Some of the information contained here includes the following: contact information for the Dallas Headquarters and Washington, D.C. office of the National Center for Policy Analysis, links to important articles discussing both environmental and energy policy issues, and a “debate central” section which will provide high school students with information that they will need to discuss policies of national concern (such as military deployments in Iraq).

Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy

This site would be most useful for students considering either an undergraduate or graduate degree in public policy. The Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy website offers prospective students the opportunity to request a program brochure, complete or print off a Masters in Public Policy program application, or find out a little background information concerning the Public Policy program at Duke University.