How do I get advisement or my PIN for registration?

All students need to see their advisor for advisement and to receive their PIN.  All pre-nursing students, except for those with a degree already, will see the Center for Student Success for advising and PINs.  The Center for Student Success is located in the DF Lowry Building behind Starbucks.

Second-degree students should contact James Crouch, Student Success Advocate, for advising and PIN information.  RN-BSN and MSN students should contact Julie Harrison-Swartz, Director of Post-Licensure Programs, for advising and PIN information. 

How do I get an over-ride for a course?

Please contact the department or instructor which is offering the course for the over-ride.  The Department of Nursing is not able to provide over-rides for courses from other departments.  

How do I register for classes?
  1. Login to Braveweb with your username and password
  2. Click on Banner Self Service, then Student, then Registration.
  3. Click on Look-up Classes to Add
  4. Click Select Term
  5. Select the term you want to register for
  6. At the prompt for the Alternate PIN, enter your Alternate PIN. This is given to the student by their advisor. The Registrar’s Office does not issue Alternate PINs.
  8. Click the Class Search icon to see results (You may select multiple subjects by holding down the CTRL key)
  9. Click the View Sections box beside the class you are looking for.
  10. Click the Select box for the class you wish to register for.
  11. Click Register located at the bottom of the page (You may click on multiple boxes-this will allow you to register for the lecture/lab at the same time)
  12. After clicking Register you will be returned to the Add/Drop classes page, scroll down to see registration results. If you need to add another class(s) click on the Class Search icon at the bottom of the page and repeat steps 7-10 above.
  13. If you receive Registration Add Errors you can not register for that class(s). Here is a list of the most common Errors and what to do when encountering them:
    1. Prereq and Test Score-Error: The student has not taken the prerequisite for the course and/or test. Contact the department about possibly getting an override from them. It is the discretion of the department to issue that override.
    2. Repeat hours exceeds #: The student has taken this class before and must do the Course Repetition form so the Registrar’s Office can issue that override
    3. Field of Study Restriction: This class is not in the student’s major and/or mode of taking classes (i.e. an on-campus student trying to register for an online class sometimes receive this error). The student must contact the department in order to receive an override for this class.
  14. If in the Select box is a C that means the class is closed and you are not able to register for the course.
  15. After registering, you may view your class schedule by clicking on Student and Financial Aid, Registration and then Student Detail Schedule