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UNC-Pembroke is proud to assist military students to pursue a career in nursing through the ARMY Medical Department’s (AMEDD) Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP).  This program allows active duty, reserve, and guard Solders to finish up to 24 months of nursing school while retaining their rank, grade, and military benefits (pay, medical, etc).  Upon graduation from UNCP’s Prelicensure Progam and passing of the NCLEX, the soldier will report to the Basic Officer Leadership Course in San Antonio, Texas to get commissioned as a Nurse Corps Officer.  There is a 48 month active duty service obligation.

For more information about the AMEDD AECP, please visit the Army website.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the soldier to ensure that all documents are received by the university and the respective AECP board within the Army.  Soldiers may contact the Raleigh AMEDD/AECP Office for more info at: 919-875-1530.


  • Apply to UNC-Pembroke as a prelicensure nursing student and be accepted into the university by March 31st.  Be sure to send in a copy of all transcripts and your Joint Services Record.
  • Request a transcript evaluation from the Department of Nursing to determine which prerequisite courses are still outstanding.  Soldiers may utilize the Transfer Nursing Page to view the Prelicensure Checklist and Transfer Equivalency Tool to see the course requirements and determine which courses will transfer into the university.
  • Soldiers must complete all prerequisite courses to be eligible for the Prelicensure Nursing Program.
  • Soldier's must meet the same Admission Requirements as other students.  This includes successfully passing the TEAS Exam and following the same Admission Timeline. 


In addition to following the standard Admission Timeline, soldiers have additional requirements to meet.  

  • January-April of the year submitting your AECP Packet, you should contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs within the Department of Nursing to receive a conditional letter of acceptance.  Students must be accepted into the university by March 31st.  Soldiers who wait until May or June may not have the necessary requirements completed by July 1st to receive a conditional letter.
  • By late April, you should be completing the compilation of your AECP/AMEDD packet.  Refer to the military website for the requirements and deadlines. 

To request a preliminary transcript evaluation and review, you should e-mail unofficial PDF copies of your transcripts to: 


To request your conditional letter of acceptance for your AECP packet, please contact: