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Jazz Appreciation

MUS 1040 - 3 credits

An introduction to jazz through a study of its origins, development, styles, and major innovative figures. Consideration is made of

the idiom’s historical and sociological contexts.

Jazz Studies Minor

A program designed to equip students to perform and teach music in the jazz idiom.  Open to all UNCP students.

Jazz Composition

MUS 3460 - 2 credits;  Prereq:  MUS 1150

A study of basic compositional techniques as applied to the jazz idiom. Original compositions will be written and orchestrated for various‑sized jazz ensembles.

Jazz Pedagogy

(3 semester Sequence)

Winds:  MUS 4220 - 1 credit

Rhythm Section:  MUS 4230 - 1 credit

Lit & Admin:  MUS 4240 - 1 credit

A study of the administration, methods, and directing techniques pertinent to the teaching  of Jazz and Commercial Music.  

Jazz Combo

MUS 1741 - 1 credit;  Audition required

The student will become familiar with representative literature for Jazz Combo through rehearsal and performances.

Jazz Ensemble

MUS 1621 - 1 credit;  Audition required

A study of technical, stylistic, and aesthetic elements of jazz literature through rehearsal

and public performances.

Private Improvisation

MUSP 1171 - 1 credit;  Permission of Instructor

Private improvisation lessons are designed to build language, repertoire, and technical proficiency.

Jazz Choir

MUS 1561 - 1 credit;  Audition required

A study of vocal music trends, through the rehearsal and performance of pop, rock, progressive jazz, and other modern forms of music.