Male student holding a sign thanking donors for their contribution.

There are a variety of scholarships available for nursing students!

The McKenzie-Elliott School of Nursing has multiple scholarships funded by generous donors.  These scholarships are awarded annually through the Brave ASSIST Portal.  Please click the button below to access the Brave ASSIST Portal.  Filling out the application via the portal will allow us to determine your eligibility for all departmental scholarships. 

Click here to access the Brave ASSIST Portal

All students (including pre-nursing) are encouraged to apply for Forgivable Education Loans for Service.  These are loans that will be forgiven by working as a nurse for a year for each year that aid is awarded.   Students may apply for FELS before being accepted into any nursing program, so apply early!  More information on FELS is available at:

Click here to learn about FELS

Financial Aid for Marginalized Students

Our nursing program is WIOA-eligible!  Students of any age or gender may be eligible for grant-assistance for the cost of attendance.  WIOA funds may be used for a variety of costs associated with your education.  For more information about WIOA eligibility and application procedures, students should contact their local American Job Center.  

Click here for our local American Job Center directory

You may also want to browse their third party websites which post various scholarship opportunities such as this page from Nurse Journal: or this page from NCNA: