Undergraduate Program Checklists

The Department of Health and Human Performance underwent significant curricular changes in the Fall 2016 semester, including the merging of two degree tracks, the creation of new labs for many classes and the implementation of pre-requisite requirements for the major foundational courses.  These changes were implemented in order to enhance student learning and better prepare our graduates.  Please click below for a presentation about the curricular changes and which semester specific courses will be offered.   

Use the links below to open PDF versions of the checklists for the undergraduate degree programs in the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2016, and some transfer students entering in Fall 2016, are on the "old" checklist for the Exercise Physiology track. Some of the courses required for the former degree are no longer being offered after spring 2017. In addition, many of the prefixes for courses changed when the name of the department changed. View the file below for important information about the prefix changes and course substitutions if you need a course that is no longer being offered.

Students who enrolled in Fall 2016 or after will use the new checklists below. It is important for students to understand that not all classes are offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Therefore, students should refer to the course offerings presentation in order to plan accordingly. Courses that are offered only once a year will also be offered in summer school. Courses that are offered in both fall and spring may also be offered in summer school as well, but in most cases only one section will be offered during a given semester.