M.S. Athletic Training - Apply NOW!

The Master of Science in Athletic Training program at UNCP is one of the best values in North Carolina. Enrolling in this CAATE-accredited program will offer you a competitive edge in your career. 

VALUE: Most affordable program in NC
EXPERIENCE: Four separate, immersive clinical experiences
DIVERSITY: Serve a diverse patient population and gain rural health care exposure
CERTIFICATION: Earn additional certifications - Orthopedic Physician Extender and Mental Health First

1. Create an account on ATCAS (link can be found above)

2. Submit official transcripts to ATCAS and enter information in the Academic History section

3. To verify completion of prerequisite courses and a bachelor’s degree, submit transcripts to ATCAS using the Transcript Request Form. If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree or all prerequisite courses at the time you apply, you will be able to submit final verification later. Transcripts should be mailed to: ATCAS, P.O. Box 9132, Watertown, MA 02471

4. Request two professional recommendations through ATCAS (Supporting Information section)

5. Complete the Personal Statement/Experiences in ATCAS (Documents tab under Supporting Information section)

6. Submit documentation in ATCAS of at least 50 hours under the direct supervision of a licensed athletic trainer in the Observation Hours section. The Achievements section is optional and a resume is not required. 

7. Upload your current CPR card in ATCAS (Licenses and Certifications tab under Supporting Information section)

8. Answer the Questions in ATCAS (Program Materials section)

9. Submit official, original GRE Scores in ATCAS using UNC Pembroke’s ATCAS code (4573) 

10. Submit completed application in ATCAS

11. Recommended applicants will be notified by admissions when to complete The Graduate School's application.  

*Do not submit transcripts to UNCP. Transcripts submitted in ATCAS will be shared with The Graduate School.