Health Promotion Senior Thesis

The Health Promotion Senior Thesis is an option specifically designed for those students whose interests lie more in the theory and research of health, rather than in the practical application. The intention of the senior thesis is to provide the student with experience in research study design, working with institutional review boards (IRB), the appropriate and ethical used of human subjects, data collection and analysis, and presentation skills. It is similarly intended that the Health Promotion student will seek to produce a written work suitable for publication.

For those students enrolling in HLTP beginning with and subsquent to the Fall 2009 semester, the senior thesis must be in association with their declared minor or concentration.

The senior thesis is an independent study with significant emphasis on scientific methodology and writing. Students desiring to pursue a senior thesis may be required to take additional course work in statistics and writing prior to beginning their thesis project. The senior thesis is supervised by the Health Promotion Coordinator or a designee.