3+2: EXSS & MSAT

This accelerated program allows students to enter the MSAT program after three years and satisfy degree requirements for the BS EXSS degree after the fourth year and the MSAT degree after the fifth year.  A maximum of 15 students will be guaranteed admission upon completion of the ATCAS and the Graduate School application process.

UNC Pembroke 3+2 EXSS and MSAT
CAATE Accredited Program

Formal admittance will be granted in the junior year and students will begin the MSAT program in the summer after their junior year.  The MSAT is a full-time, year-round professional program and students admitted into the MSAT will be involved in clinical immersions that will prevent participation in extracurricular activities.  

Students who are not meeting admission requirements at the completion of the sophomore year will not be allowed to continue in the accelerated program and will be required to change their major. Students recommended for admission who fall below admissions standards or fail to complete the admissions requirements during the junior year will not be allowed to matriculate into the MSAT. These students will be required to complete the fourth year of the BS EXSS: Exercise Physiology degree, but would still have the option to apply to the MSAT through the standard application process. 

3+2 Degree Plan