Financial Aid

It is important for you to establish and maintain communication with the Financial Aid Office and talk to your Financial Aid Counselor. In particular, you should make an appointment to go over your individual financial aid package with Ms. Julie Clark, the specialist for Study Abroad financing.

Semester/Year-Long Study Abroad

Generally, your scholarships, grants, and loans may be used for semester and year-long study abroad assuming you maintain full-time standing (minimum 12 credit hours). Please verify with Ms. Clark how your individual awards may apply.  Note that you may only apply financial aid to the courses you take abroad if you have completed a Course Authorization Sheet issued to you by the Study Abroad Coordinator. You need to confirm that each appropriate department head has approved the equivalent course at UNCP for which you will receive credit having successfully completed the course at your host institution.  Also, you must have the signature of your Faculty Adviser on your Course Authorization Sheet indicating that you need each of the approved UNCP courses to graduate.  Please contact your Study Abroad Coordinator for details about the Course Authorization Sheet.

Summer Sessions/Faculty Led Programs

In order to qualify for financial aid in the summer, you must be registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours (and receive grades of 'C' or higher). Did you know that the aid you take during the fall/spring can affect your summer aid eligibility? If you are planning to study abroad during Maymester or the summer, speak to your Financial Aid Counselor, so you can plan your aid distribution accordingly.