Meet ELI Students

Phuna Ha Kim

“The ELI program is very useful and prepares you for real academic life. There are a lot of events and trips for international students, so that they can interact with Americans and enjoy American culture.  My favorite part is the Conversation Partner Program. I communicate with native speakers every day.  My English has improved so much in just one semester."

— Phuna Ha Kim (Bella), Vietnam

Ruoyu Chen

"Studying in the ELI program really meant a lot to me. As a non-native English speaker, I was so afraid to speak to Americans. My Listening and Speaking teacher encouraged me to communicate with  American students without worrying about making mistakes. Soon, I became more confident when speaking in front of people. After only one semester at the ELI, I felt I fully adapted to school life at UNCP. While in the ELI, I made a lot of friends from other countries and learned a lot about  their cultures. We hung out together and chatted outside of the classroom, which was a relaxing way to practice English. Overall, I had a wonderful time in ELI program. When I started taking academic courses, I found that the ELI had prepared me very well for  university study! 

— Ruoyu Chen (Ariel), China

Gaoqi Zhang

“I have had a wonderful experience at UNCP.  The people here are nice, friendly and easy-going.  The teachers are awesome. They give us a lot of useful English practice.  The sunshine and the blue sky make me feel happy every day.  I sincerely appreciate the experience in the U.S. I’m sure you will enjoy it too if you come to UNCP and join us.” 

— Gaoqi Zhang (Gina Lynn), China

Shiyu Wang

“The teachers at the ELI are very nice.  They teach us how to use English like native speakers and make classes fun.  That way, we can improve our English very quickly.  The teachers like when students ask questions.  If you don't understand something or get stuck, just ask your teachers for help, and they will be glad to assist you.” 

— Shiyu Wang (Tom), China