Returned Study Abroad

Welcome Back Generation Study Abroad!


Now that you have returned from a life-changing study abroad experience where you met some interesting people, saw some remarkable things, and hopefully developed some valuable "soft" skills, I encourage you to review the list below to prepare you for what's next:


  • Give back and get involved with Global Engagement! Click on the Get Involved! link to the right or click volunteer with OGE to learn more. We would love to have you share your experiences by co-presenting in a Freshman Seminar class with the Study Abroad Coordinator (SAC). Or you could present in one of your own classes about your study abroad. There are many ways you can share your story or get involved. Email the SAC for more information:
  • Review the attached Word document below. It will help you process this amazing experience you've had.
  • Schedule an appointment with a UNCP counselor by calling CAPS at the Brave Health Center to talk about how you've changed and what the experience has meant to you.
  • Apply for the Peace Corps Prep Program! Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to learn more, and how to talk about your study abroad in a job interview. Get a better job with these international experiences and global competencies!
  • Would you like to show off your study abroad pride at graduation from UNCP? Order one of the study abroad graduation stoles from the SAC. Pay for your stole ($40) with the Payment Slip at the Cashier's Office in Lumbee Hall and then pick up your stole at the Office of Global Engagement: