Short-Term Study Abroad Options

Hiking in Mexico

Spring 2020


March 6 – 14, 2020

During this spring break, students will have the opportunity to immerse in the Argentine & Uruguayan cultures. We have organized personalized visits to the cities of Buenos Aries, Argentina and Colonia, Uruguay.  For this 3-credit hour course, students should request permission from the group leader (Dr. Diana Lee: to register for SPN 3510. We will accept students who have previously taken Spanish classes or anyone who will be enrolled in at least a Spanish 1310 class during the semester of the Study Abroad $3,650. (OPEN.)


Education students and teacher candidates will have the chance to be immersed in the culture of Belize and actively engage with teachers, students, and curriculum in the classroom. This is a structured travel experience that includes team-building through cultural immersion experiences. Course offered in the spring with weekly class meetings and travel May 10-22, 2020. Email Dr. Kelly Ficklin ( for more information. $3,000. (PENDING.)


Open to all students and majors who are interested in exploring the wonderful and cosmopolitan city of Berlin, Germany! Students will learn about German culture, history, and politics and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community and experience everything the city has to offer. Course offered in the spring and travel during Maymester. Email Dr. Kevin Freeman ( for more information. $3,200. (OPEN.)


Come explore Ireland with Professors Melissa Mann ( and Christine Bell ( during Maymester! Register for MGTS in Spring 2020, and travel May 9 - 24. This is a 3 credit, 8-week course, and we will be meeting once per week. Email the professors for more information and to schedule your interview. Applications due end of October. $3,300. (Business Students Only.)


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!

Nashville, TN

Study Away-Spring 2020


More information coming soon!

Summer 2020


Come explore Seoul on this unique summer program through our partner at University of Seoul. Take 1-2 classes during July 2020 in Summer II and travel with other UNCP students and possibly a professor from UNCP. Choose from any of these courses at UoS that will be taught in English and transfer back as UNCP credits. Limited to ten students! Nomination to UNCP Study Abroad Coordinator: due April 15. University of Seoul Application due April 30. ~$3,000.


The “International Indigenous Exchange Consortium: The Indigenous Southeast” will have interactive learning (on campus and off) within the Lumbee, Coharie, Waccamaw Siouan and Haliwa-Saponi Indian tribes of North Carolina.

Designed to bring together Indigenous studies students from around the world, join AIS faculty as we host students and faculty from Australia and Canada in Pembroke, NC during Summer II 2020! If you'd like to volunteer, please let us know:

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Honors Study Abroad:

Are you a Honors student at UNCP? Then think about short-term options through Honors Carolina! Travel abroad with other Honors students throughout the UNC System. Click on the previous link or email the UNCP Study Abroad Coordinator: or Maynor Honors College: for more information.