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Linnaeus University, Sweden


(Deadline for nominating students is April 1st.)


Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is a major regional university in southeastern Sweden. The university is situated 200 kilometers northeast of Copenhagen and 400 kilometers southwest of Stockholm. The town, with over 70,000 inhabitants, is very modern.  Surrounded by beautiful forests and pastoral landscapes, Linnaeus is a pleasant juxtaposition of contemporary culture and the natural environment. Linnaeus University, with over 9,000 students, is well known for its strong international profile of student and faculty exchanges.

Linnaeus University offers courses in a variety of subjects. Linnaeus offers a similar study experience to that of Umeå University, and if you are interested in studying abroad in Sweden, we encourage you to thoroughly investigate both options.

Find out more about their programs for exchange students HERE and be sure to check out their pages on Facebook and Instagram.