Transfer Student Process


Are you an International Student who is Eligible to Transfer to UNCP?

International students  may tranfer to UNCP if they meet the following qualifications:

  • They are already in F-1 or J-1 status
  • They have been offered admission to UNCP
  • They have demonstrated their financial support

Immigration advisers at the previous school should not transfer a SEVIS record until Global Engagement has completely cleared the student for transfer.


Student Responsibilities

The student must complete their UNCP application and be accepted by the admissions office.

Students must select a date for the SEVIS record transfer. This is often shortly after the end of the previous term, but may also be just before classes begin at UNCP. (If you are on OPT, remember that any remaining OPT is cancelled once the student transfers to the new school.)

Inform UNCP's Office of Global Engagement if you will be leaving the U.S. after completing your final term at your previous school and re-entering on the UNCP I-20.

Inform UNCP's Office of Global Engagement if you are out of status and need to apply for reinstatement.

Complete the Certificate of Financial Responsibility and send it to the admissions office.

Provide the UNCP Transfer-In Form to the immigration adviser at your previous school.

Check in with UNCP Global Engagement and attend international student orientation


The Previous School's Responsibilities

We ask that you complete the UNCP Transfer-In Form and email, mail, or fax it to UNCP Global Engagement.

Indicate when the SEVIS record will be transferred to UNCP

Transfer the SEVIS record


UNCP Global Engagement's Responsibilities 

Confirm that the student is admissible to UNCP

Register the student's SEVIS record once it has been received


NOTE: Students who are in another non-immigrant status and wish to change to an F-1 status will not do a transfer. Please let us know if this applies to you and we will advise you.