Important COVID-19 Update

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At UNCP, we have access to a wealth of location technologies to support student education and research. Through our endeavor, Spatial@UNCP, we will highlight examples of how you can bring space and place into your class, research, and service, along with some examples of the technologies that we have access to through existing site licenses and free & open source software. You can find recordings here or join us live on Webex on Wednesdays at 11:00AM to ask questions (emails go out weekly to the Faculty Discussion listserv with connection detail, or you can email Jesse Rouse if you aren't on the listserv). 


Spatial@UNCP - Using COVID-19 data to talk about visualization, analysis, and rasters (July 8, 2020)

This week we talk about how we need to be mindful of what our visual and analytical choices convey to our audiences (and ourselves). We focus on the various cartographic classification options, but also quickly touch on analysis and generating raster interpolations of vector data.

COVID-19 data was from ArcGIS Living Atlas

Spatial@UNCP - Flying sUAS/Drones at UNCP (1 July, 2020)

This week we talk a little about the policies currently in place for sUAS/drone use at UNCP, what we are using, and some of what we are flying on campus.

Links discussed:

Spatial@UNCP - Getting ready to share your map (24 June, 2020)

This week we talk about the difference between a working map and a cartographic product including the Layout View and map elements.

Spatial@UNCP - Finding and using physical data in your map (16 June 2020)

This week we talk about just a few sites to quickly find physical spatial data for your projects. We also show you how to interact with your data in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to keep you going. 

Links in video:

Spatial@UNCP - Finding and adding socio-cultural data to a map (3 June 2020)

This week we talk about just a handful of locations to quickly find spatial data for your projects. We also provide examples of how to get that data into ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to help you get started. Come back next week as we switch focus to look at physical data.

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Spatial@UNCP - Getting started (May 28, 2020)

In our first episode, we look broadly at some of the software solutions we have access to on campus. A quick overview of what is available through our esri site license and an alternative for those using Macs.

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