Resources for Teachers

Teaching African-American literature

The Once and Future Classroom (outside link)

Beyond "Informational Texts:" A One-Day Conference for English/Language Arts Teachers (Feb. 12, 2015)

Keynote: Dr. Robin McCoy

English Language Arts Teachers Changing the World

Session 1: Creating and Composing Informational Texts, from Interviews to Film (Dr. Michele Fazio and Dr. Jason Hutchens)

Interviewing Tactics & Considerations (Hutchens)

Lunch Conversation with Dr. Laura Staal

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad (outside link)

Session 2: Reviving the Personal Essay as Public Argument with Informational Texts (Dr. Cynthia Miecznikowski and Dr. Polina Chemishanova)

Session 3: Enriching Literary Studies with Primary Sources and Non-Literary Texts (Dr. Therese Rizzo and Dr. Roger A. Ladd)

Text and Context: "Informational" Documents and the Foreign Country of the Past (Ladd)

Using Primary Sources to Teach Literature (Rizzo)