UNCP Birth-Kindergarten Online Hybrid Program

The Birth-Kindergarten program at UNCP received a UNC-system grant to become a distance education online hybrid program in 2006.  The program is now offered in an online format with approximately 15% of the courses completely online and 85% of the courses offered in a hybrid format (with 1-4 in person class meetings per course each semester). The class meetings are held at Fayetteville Technical Community College on Saturdays. Specific dates for courses are announced at the beginning of the semester. 

Upon admission to UNCP, students will be offered an opportunity to attend an orientation at UNCP. It is highly recommended that new students (transfer and traditional) attend this orientation. Information will be provided related to Teacher Education admission and the Birth-Kindergarten program specifically. As part of orientation, students will be advised, receive PIN number, passwords, etc., and register for classes.

Location of Classes at FTCC: 

Our hybrid class meetings are held in various buildings at FTCC. The exact building and room number will be provided to you online by the instructor of your course, as well as driving directions, parking information, etc.  Before enrolling in hybrid courses check the meeting dates in BraveWeb or ask the instructor. The classes are mandatory and usually carry credit points.


Your textbooks for online classes will be purchased through the bookstore at UNCP. You may go to the website for the UNCP bookstore and search for your course number and find the titles of texts. They will be shipped to you from the bookstore, or you may pick them up at the bookstore in Pembroke. Be sure to search for your texts in advance of the first class meeting, so they will be in your hands before class starts. 

Taking General Education Classes from a Distance: 

If you are taking BK major classes at a community college and have general education classes to complete, there are some general education classes available online through UNCP. You need to do pre-registration (in October and March, if you are a continuing student) in order to gain access to these; they fill early. Other options include: completing your general education at a community college before you transfer to UNCP, taking classes on the UNCP campus or obtaining permission in advance from our registrar to take a general education class that would transfer to UNCP from another 4-year college in your geographical area. Once you transfer to UNCP from a community college you may not go back to a 2-year college to take classes (to transfer to UNCP toward your 4-year degree.)